February 26, 2024

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Why Previous Pikmin Games Didn’t Sell Well

As part of an interview ahead of the July 21 issue of Picture 4series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has offered his explanation as to why Picomin it never hit a commercial like many other Nintendo franchises. With its team of colorful creatures and a unique combination of real-time strategy and puzzle gameplay, Nintendo’s Picomin The series has gained a devoted following over the years despite never being a top seller.

First shown on the Nintendo GameCube with the 2001 original Picomin game, Nintendo’s quirky strategy series has been widely praised over the years for its unique gameplay and visual style. Players put in charge of a small character, a space-suit able to command around a squadron of the titular creatures, the Picomin franchises give players a great twist on traditional strategy games. But, despite developing a bit of a cult following after the series’ three console entries, the Picomin franchises of some of Nintendo’s other key properties have never been able to sell.

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As first reported by IGN, Picomin Creator and gaming industry icon Shigeru Miyamoto explained why he feels the series was never a commercial hit. The remarks came as part of Nintendo’s Ask the Developer roundtable Picture 4, which also includes several members of the game’s development team. As discussed before Picomin games at one point during the interview, Miyamoto notes that he often wonders why “they haven’t exploded more in sales even though they’re so much fun to play?” Ultimately, it accomplishes that PicominIt’s the difficulty that scares some players.

Adding to that thought, Miyamoto acknowledged that gamers may be challenging to die in the game but said that he feels that “the strength of the franchise is in its relationship with mortality.” He cites the challenge of finding a way to prevent Pikmin from dying as a big part of the fun of the franchise. They are the two main areas he considers his contribution PicominThe perceived difficulty lies in the controls and depth of the games, noting that a lot of time was spent on “expressing these points as ‘interesting’ rather than ‘difficult.'” Miyamoto goes on to explain how some of Picture 4New features are designed to support players and address challenges with the game’s controls.

It remains to be seen whether Picture 4 will manage to escape the fate of its predecessor and become a commercial hit, but Miyamoto and the rest of the design team have clearly done their best to ensure that it does. And with hardcore fans recently paying for homemade Picture 4 ads in Times Square, it looks like fans of the franchise are doing their part as well.

Picture 4 launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023.

Source: Nintendo (through IGN)

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