March 5, 2024

Word of the Day #761 Tips, Hints And Answers For Thursday, July 20th

Happy Tory Day! Whenever I think about the names of the days I wonder what we would come up with if we started renaming the days for a “modern audience” as it were. No more Norse gods, no Roman, and certainly no Christian (who would you do with one? Tap into the Trinity?)

I suppose we could go generic: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five and so on. That is almost Orwellian.

Anyway, yesterday I gave you a puzzle. We’ll answer it today before we move on to the Wordle.

Today’s Riddle: There are two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck and a duck in the middle. How many ducks are there?

The answer: 3 ducks! (Two are in front of the third duck, two are behind the first duck, and one duck is in the middle of the two).

Okay, it’s Wordle time!

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