June 24, 2024

Mrs. Charmer hired a snake to kill a boy with a Cobra, police say

  • A businessman was found dead in his car with snakes, Indian media outlets reported.
  • Police say his girlfriend enlisted the help of a snake charmer to kill him with a cobra.
  • The girl, her friend, the snake charmer, and two accomplices are accused of murder.

A 30-year-old businessman was found dead in his car in northern India, and police said his girlfriend, along with a snake charmer, a friend, and two housemates conspired to kill him by releasing a cobra from him. according to The Hindustan Times.

Police found the body of Ankit Chauhan on July 15, inside a car parked on the side of the road with its ignition still on, Haldwani Nainital senior superintendent of police Pankaj Bhatt said, according to The Hindustan Times.

Bhatt told the newspaper that police initially thought Chauhan had died accidentally due to carbon monoxide poisoning, but post-mortem results told a different story.

Those results indicated he died of “snake venom,” Bhatt said, according to the newspaper.

Chauhan was found with two snake bites on his leg, Indian newspaper Amar Ujala reported.

According to The Economic Times, the call log of the man’s girlfriend, Mahi Arya, showed that she was in touch with Ramesh Nath, a snake charmer based in Uttar Pradesh, police said. The Economic Times reported that Arya paid Nath 10,000 rupees, or $121.88, to bite Chauhan.

Police arrested Nath on Monday, Bhatt said, according to The Hindustan Times.

During police questioning, he said Arya, her friend Deep Kandpal, and two housekeepers conspired to kill Chauhan, Bhatt said, according to Indian media reports.

Nath also told the police that Arya took the “big step” because Chauhan used to abuse her when he was drunk, according to The Hindustan Times.

Police said the incident took place on July 14, when Chauhan visited Mahi’s house, while the other four were present at the spot, according to The Hindustan Times.

“They probably made him drink alcohol or some other substance that made him unconscious and then the cobra was released on him,” Bhatt said, according to the newspaper.

Chauhan’s sister complained to the police, naming Mahi and Kandpal as suspects in the killing, police told the Hindustan Times.

Five people have been charged with murder, police said, which carries the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Police are still looking for Arya, Kandpal, and the two housekeepers, an Indian media outlet reported NDTV reported.

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