April 20, 2024

Article generator AI drops for World of Warcraft ‘Glorbo’ Prank

Chatbots can pump out decent articles on any topic in seconds, but a recent trick from the World of Warcraft community shows how easy it is to dump AI-powered content mills into publishing complete hogwash.

On Thursday, a player decided to prank The Portal, a gaming blog that uses AI to pump out articles about World of Warcraft and other games. Case in point: the authors on the blog are publishing around 100 articles per day – an incredible amount for any human writer.

Reddit users noticed that the Portal was automatically scraping posts from The World of Warcraft subreddit to generate content. So in response, a user with the screen name “kaefer_kriegerin” posting(Opens in a new window) some fake news out there about a non-existent feature called “Glorbo.”

“Honestly, this new feature makes me happy! I’m just trying to get some major bot-powered news websites to publish an article about this,” kaefer_kriegerin wrote.

The Reddit post by kaefer_krieger

(Credit: Reddit)

The Portal seems to have taken the bait. On the same day, on the site published(Opens in a new window) article basically summarizing kaefer’s post along with comments from other Reddit users – although everything said was completely made up.

the article from the portal

(Credit: The Portal)

The post has since been taken down by Portal as players in the World of Warcraft subreddit are laughing at the site’s AI bot for falling for the crack. “I think we can take this a step further and scour other subreddits for AI powered ‘news pages’ too,” kaefer_kriegerin write(Opens in a new window) After that.

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The incident reveals the limitations of today’s AI generation programs. Chatbots may fail to check and verify any source of information. Additionally, bots that continuously scrape the web for content, regardless of source, are particularly vulnerable to deception. Still, there is growth signs(Opens in a new window) that some websites are adopting AI article generators to draw user traffic, which risks filling the internet with more junk.

The operators of The Portal, the Z League esports gaming platform, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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