June 24, 2024

FBI Furious Grassley Released Document With Unverified Claims About Bidens

  • GOP Senator Chuck Grassley published an FBI document containing an unverified allegation made by a Ukrainian CEO.
  • The Ukrainian executive claimed to have bribed Joe and Hunter Biden, an FBI informant claimed.
  • The FBI told Insider that releasing the document “at the very least — it unnecessarily jeopardizes the safety of a confidential source.”

The FBI fired two top Republican lawmakers on Thursday for supporting the release of internal investigative documents containing unverified allegations that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter accepted bribes from a gas company in Ukraine – claims the White House calls “dishonest” and that even some Republicans have cast doubt on.

“The safeguards the FBI has placed on the production of this information are necessary to protect the safety of confidential sources and the integrity of sensitive investigations,” the bureau said in a statement to Insider. “Today’s issue of the 1023 [form] – at the very least – the safety of a confidential source is needlessly at risk.”

Earlier on Thursday, Senator Chuck Grassley, who helped lead the Senate’s probe into Hunter Biden, decided to publish a redacted copy of the FBI document detailing claims from a confidential informant who said Burisma’s executive bragged about how he used Hunter Biden to protect the company.

The informant also claimed that Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky claimed he was “forced” to discuss $10 million in bribes with the Bidens, although the informant was unclear if the money was ever paid or how; Joe Biden was the vice president of the USA at the time.

The informant also claimed, without evidence, that Zlochevsky made 17 records and kept documents that would substantiate the bribery allegations. Last month, Senator Ron Johnson, who joined forces with Grassley on the Biden probe, warned that those recordings might not exist.

“This could be coming from a very corrupt oligarch who could be making these things up,” Johnson said on the Vicki McKenna Show, against PunchBowl News. “You have to suspend judgment until you know more.”

Grassley’s office disputed the bureau’s claim that the release could jeopardize the confidential informant.

“Democrats and the media sought to link FD-1023 to the Bidens’ activity in Ukraine long before this document was published, citing information that only the FBI and DOJ could have known,” Grassley’s spokesman, Taylor Foy, said in a statement to Insider. “The FBI cannot cite risks to sources while obstructing congressional oversight in one breath and leaking selective information to the news media in another.”

The release of the FBI document comes days after former President Donald Trump, the 2024 GOP front-runner, received a letter informing him that he is a target in the DOJ’s investigation into the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

The FBI turn to the document first to Republicans in June in response to a subpoena. At the time, House Oversight Chairman James Comer pressured the bureau to turn over information even though it involved a confidential source.

The FBI allowed only a few lawmakers and their aides to access the document. It is not clear how Grassley obtained the copy. In a statement, the Iowa Republican said it came to him “through legal defense disclosures from Justice Department whistleblowers.” Both Grassley and Comer insisted Thursday that releasing the document publicly was a necessary step.

“Although the FBI sought obfuscation and change, the American people can now read this document for themselves, without the filter of politicians or bureaucrats, thanks to brave and heroic whistleblowers,” Grassley said in a statement.

Republicans have long alleged that, when he was vice president, Joe Biden improperly intervened in a criminal investigation of Burisma Holdings – whose board Hunter Biden served from 2014 to the beginning of 2019 – led by Viktor Shokin, who was the Prosecutor General of Ukraine at the time.

When he visited the country in March 2016, Joe Biden pressed Shokin hard to apologize for corruption.

Biden represented the official US position on the matter, one shared by many other Western governments and anti-corruption activists in Ukraine. But Republicans have alleged, without evidence, that Biden pushed to ouster Shokin because he wanted to block the investigation into Burisma.

However, Ukrainian government officials and anti-corruption advocates point out that Shokin blocked the Burisma investigation long before Biden even came into the picture, The Wall Street Journal reported.

In other words, Biden was doing the opposite of what Republicans were implying: he was trying to fire a prosecutor who was slow-moving the Burisma investigation, rather than actively targeting the company.

Bloomberg also reported that the Burisma investigation was largely dormant when Biden called for Shokin to be fired.

The White House issued a statement after Republicans released the document, saying that Trump’s Justice Department, the Trump-appointed US Attorney General, and the entire impeachment trial of the former President focused on these issues, and repeatedly found the claims contained lack credibility.

“It is clear that Congressional Republicans are dead-set on playing shameless, dishonest politics and refusing to let the truth sink in,” the statement said.

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