June 15, 2024

Monster Hunter Now Revealed Gameplay Showcase Announced


  • Capcom and Niantic’s upcoming mobile game, Monster Hunter Now, will have an online demo that will provide fans with details about its gameplay and release date.
  • The game’s closed beta trailer and teaser gave minimal information about its features, but the online event may reveal more, including an exact release date.
  • The community is excited about the event, which is similar to reactions to mainstream updates for the Monster Hunter series, and hopes that the spin-off game will live up to their high expectations.

The development team of the upcoming mobile game from Capcom and Niantic, Monster Hunter Now, just announced an upcoming online demo that will delve into the title’s gameplay. Both companies were very quiet about it Monster Hunter Now features and gameplay, so the live stream is definitely something that fans should check out.

The details are only recently fans about it Monster Hunter Now involves its closed beta and call for testers. A teaser trailer was also revealed when the game was announced back in April 2023, and it showed features like AR features and at least a battle system. Monster Hunter NowA release timeframe was also revealed in the trailer, telling fans to expect the game in September 2023. However, the upcoming online event could give players an exact date during the release period.

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On the official Twitter account, the team announced that there was an online demo talking about it Monster Hunter Nowand the release and gameplay date will be July 27, 2023, at 4:00 AM PDT or 1:00 PM CEST. The live stream will take place on the game’s YouTube channel but not much else was shared on the tweet. However, fans will likely notice that the main Twitter image showed four members of the development team. According to the post, the devs will be discussing their own stories behind the development of the game, aside from the obvious topics of the gameplay demo and the official release date.

A lot of fans are likely to be excited about this kind of event, especially since it’s very reminiscent of mainstream title updates that the team made for Game Monster Hunter series. This could indicate that more important information will be revealed during the online demo, especially since no details have been shared or leaked since the game’s closed beta. However, positive and excited responses on the Twitter thread showed that the public is eager to see what is in store for the team that wants to play. Monster Hunter Now.

While many fans are expecting Capcom to announce an addition to the Game Monster Hunter mainstream games soon, hosting this showcase for the spinoff is probably good news for the future of the league. Fans can probably expect great things from both Capcom and Niantic, so I hope the mobile title lives up to the high standards of the player base.

Monster Hunter Now it is scheduled to be released in September 2023 for mobile devices.

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