March 5, 2024

Generation 4 Pokemon Getting New TCG Card After 16 Years


  • The upcoming Pokemon TCG series, Obsidian Flames, will feature a new card for Bonsly, a baby Pokemon that hasn’t had a new TCG card in 16 years.
  • Baby Pokemon, including Bonsly, rarely appear in TCG sets due to their lack of utility, which makes Bonsly’s interest in Obsidian Flames special.
  • The new Bonsly card will have a simple attack that can confuse the opponent’s Pokemon, but is unlikely to be popular in the competitive scene. Collectors are likely to appreciate the new card.

Recent exposure to all future cards Pokemon TCG game set Obsidian Flames confirms that Bonsly, a Pokémon that hasn’t received a new TCG card in 16 years, will be getting a new card of its own. Baby Pokemon are consistently some of the least visible of all things i Pokemon TCG game sets.

Baby Pokemon exists in a strange space where it seems like a lot of people, including the game makers, aren’t quite sure what to do with them. They’re cute—few would deny the appeal of baby Pokémon like Pichu and Magby—but they’re not very useful, which is why they’re rarely seen in video games or the trading card game. It’s pretty rare to see baby Pokemon appear on new cards in the TCG, which is what makes Bonsly’s interest in the upcoming Flames Obsidian so special.

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Obsidian Flames will be the newest addition to the ever-expanding roster Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG sets. The artwork for all the Japanese cards was recently revealed, confirming the new Bonsly card, featuring the Rock-type youth wandering through a forest with a Pokémon Center in the background. This is the first new card for Sudowoodo baby Pokemon since 2007 Pokemon TCG game set Creation of Space-Time. It’s only the fourth card Bonsly has ever received, which officially puts him above Mantyke as the Pokémon with the least TCG cards (previously the two were tied recently).

When Bonsly’s card is transferred from Japanese, it shows that his new card will have one attack that costs no energy, does 10 damage, and will leave the opponent’s Pokémon confused. It seems a little strange that this card will be debuting without a new Sudowoodo card for Bonsly to develop on, but this card is unlikely to see much play in the Pokemon TCG game competitive scene anyway. In all likelihood, this will only be a card for the collectors who haven’t been able to add a new Bonsly since the 2000s.

The Obsidian Flames series will also come with some other rare additions, such as Palafin’s Gen 9 debut on his first TCG card. It will also be the first series with Tera Type Pokemon, featuring interesting type changes like Electric Tyranitar, Psychic Vespiqueen, and Dark Charizard. This comes along with the ongoing gift for Dark-type Tera Charizard Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I hope baby Pokemon can get more love in the TCG in the near future.

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