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Soundtrack the bear season 2 all songs

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The Bear Season 2 soundtrack is packed with bangers – so here are all the songs in the new season, with track lists for each episode and exactly when they’ll play.

The chaotic cast of everyone’s favorite chefs is back and Hulu drama The Bear has released its second season on Hulu. Carmy, Syd, Ritchie, and the gang continue as they try to open a new restaurant with all the odds stacked against them.

Although The Bear mainly focuses on the art of cooking, music plays a role in the show as it enhances certain scenes and emotional moments.

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So whether you’re in the middle of Season 2, have finished it, or just want to get the music tips before you hit play, here’s your guide to all the songs featured in The Bear Season 2.

The bear season 2 soundtrack and songs

Below, we’ve listed the show’s episodes, the songs in each, and when they’re played.

Episode 1: ‘Beef’

  • ‘The Show Goes On’ by Bruce Hornsby & The Range — plays over the opening sequence
  • ‘Handshake Drugs’ by Wilco — plays when the team is renovating the restaurant
  • ‘Transcendental Blues’ by Steve Earle – plays as Richie sets up Mikey’s Fenway Park poster in the office
  • Rejected’s ‘New Noise’ — plays when Sugar, Carmy, and Syd realize The Bear needs to open in three months, and during the end credits

Episode 2: ‘Pasta’

Audiobook of Carmy in The BearHulu
  • ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ by Fine Young Cannibals — plays in the opening scene when Carmy and Syd walk through the construction in the restaurant
  • ‘Baby, I’m a Big Star Now’ by Counting Crows — plays when Carmy gives Richie the hat Mikey left in his locker
  • ‘You Are Not Alone’ by Mavis Staples — plays when the moldy ceiling collapses on Ritchie
  • REM’s ‘Strange Currencies’ — plays when Carmy meets her childhood sweetheart, Claire, in the store

Episode 3: ‘Sunday’

Carmy and Syd cooking in the kitchen in the BearHulu
  • ‘Goodbye Girl’ by Squeeze — plays as Syd searches Chicago for meal inspiration, Tina comes to cooking class, and Ritchie drives his daughter to school
  • ‘Secret Teardrops’ by Martin Rev — plays when Syd is ordering food from the Kasama restaurant
  • ‘Twenty Five Miles’ by Edwin Starr — plays over a montage of Syd ordering and eating a ton of food in Chicago
  • ‘Future Perfect’ by Colón Durutti — plays when Syd imagines a new ravioli meal
  • ‘Make You Happy’ by Tommy McGee — plays as Syd eats an ice cream sundae and thinks about her mother
  • ‘I Like the Things About Me’ by Mavis Staples – plays as Sydney is disappointed in her ravioli and during the end credits

Episode 4: ‘Honeydew’

Marcus and Chef Luca make desserts in the BearHulu
  • ‘Holiday Road’ by Lindsey Buckingham — plays when Marcus first arrives in Copenhagen
  • ‘I’ve loved you too long (To stop now) [Live]’ by Otis Redding — plays when Marcus finishes his first day of training with Chef Luca
  • ‘Tezeta’ by Mulatu Astatke — plays as Marcus walks around Copenhagen eating and taking pictures
  • ‘Beneath the Surface’ by Bob Bradley & Mia Bradley — plays as Marcus hugs the Danish bike he saved from getting stuck in a wire fence
  • ‘Welcome’ by Harmonia & Eno ’76 — plays as Marcus talks to Syd on the phone and successfully cooks a dish he learned from Luca

Episode 5: ‘Pop’

Claire and Carmy attend a house party in the BearHulu
  • ‘Bastards of Young’ by The Replacements — plays as Carmy tries to map out the layout for The Bear’s kitchen
  • ‘Bastards of Young’ by The Replacements — plays as Carmy drives in a car with Claire
  • ‘Anytime’ by Neil Finn — plays when Claire invites Carmy to a party
  • ‘Pretty in Pink’ by The Psychedelic Furs — plays Claire and Carmy into a house party full of their schoolmates
  • ‘Tonight Tonight’ by Smashing Pumpkins – plays like a karaoke patron while Tina watches
  • Freddy Fender’s ‘Before the Next Teardrop Falls’ plays – and Tina sings in front of the karaoke bar
  • ‘Strange Currencies’ by REM — plays as Carmy invites Claire to see the restaurant and they walk in to see Sugar and Ritchie arguing
  • ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ by The Replacements – plays as Carmy kisses Claire at the end of the episode

Episode 6: ‘Fish’

Carmy, Mikey, and Syd stand outside their childhood home in The BearHulu
  • ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ by Andy Williams — plays Carmy, Sugar, and Mikey outside their childhood home sharing a cigarette
  • ‘All Alone on Christmas’ by Darlene Love — plays as the camera pans into the Berzatto home and reveals that this event took place five years ago
  • ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)’ by Ramones — plays as Carmy’s mother Donna is introduced
  • ‘Got My Mind Set on You’ by George Harrison — plays and members of the Berzatto family argue in the kitchen
  • ‘The Little White Duck’ by Dorothy Olsen — plays as Donna explains how Natalie earned her nickname ‘Sugar’
  • ‘Dominick the Donkey’ by Lou Monte — plays as Richie Fak films and his brother, Ted, dances
  • ‘I Want You’ by Lindsey Buckingham – plays as Donna tells Sugar that no one would miss her if she were gone
  • ‘A Marshmallow World’ by Dean Martin — plays as Uncle Lee interrupts a story that Mikey has already told a few times
  • ‘Something So Wrong’ by Crowded House — plays Carmy’s cousin Michelle inviting him to stay with her in New York
  • ‘The Things We Did Last Summer’ by Dean Martin — plays when Carmy finds Donna crying in the kitchen and says that no one does nice things for her
  • ‘The Christmas Song’ by Weezer — plays over the end credits

Episode 7: ‘Forks’

Ritchie licks a fork in the BearHulu
  • ‘Glass Concrete & Stone’ by David Byrne — plays over a montage of Richie waking up and cleaning forks in another restaurant
  • ‘Diamond Diary’ by Tangerine Dream — plays Ritchie learning about front of house running at Chef Terry’s restaurant
  • ‘Love Story (Taylor’s Version)’ by Taylor Swift — plays as Ritchie drives home after a successful day on stage

Episode 8: ‘Bolognese’

Audiobook of Carmy and Claire in The BearHulu
  • ‘Lay My Love’ by Brian Eno and John Cale — plays as Ebra sees Tina washing the restaurant window
  • ‘Stop Your Sobbing’ by Pretenders – plays as Carmy, Sydney, and Marcus fix cannoli for the restaurant
  • ‘The Crane Wife 3’ by The Decemberists – plays as The Bear finally passes the fireproofing test

Episode 9: ‘Omelette’

Think of Syd's cooking in The BearHulu
  • ‘The Day the World Went Away’ by Nine Inch Nails — plays over a montage of Claire and Carmy in bed
  • ‘Strange Currencies’ by REM — plays as Carmy starts to panic and sees real life events, Syd’s pep talks, and Claire
  • ‘New Noise’ by Rejects — played as the crew prepare the meat for the opening of The Bear and Carmy gets angry about the pots being on the wrong side
  • ‘Come Back (Live)’ by Pearl Jam — plays as Carmy and Sydney set a table together and finally apologize to each other
  • ‘If You Want Blood’ by AC/DC — plays as the restaurant opens for the first time

Episode 10: ‘The Bear’

Audiobook of Carmy sitting on the floor in the BearHulu
  • ‘Supernova’ by Liza Phair — plays as the first dishes are brought to the tables on opening night
  • ‘Velouria’ by The Pixies – plays when Richie brings out the focaccia to the guests and Sugar realizes she has to fix the toilets
  • ‘Vega-Tables’ by Brian Wilson — plays as Fak walks in on Sugar flushing the toilets
  • ‘Spiders (Kidsmoke)’ by Wilco — plays as Carmy apologizes to Syd for laughing and Syd apologizes to Carmy for letting the fish go cold
  • ‘Animal’ by Pearl Jam — plays as Syd says “drive” and Richie starts the five minute timer
  • ‘Half a World Away’ by REM — plays as the chefs celebrate their success at The Bear and Sydney gets permission from her father

How to download the soundtrack to the bear season 2

The Bear Season 2 soundtrack can be found on the FX website.

You can also stream these songs on Spotify, and while there is no official soundtrack list, there are some fan-curated playlists of these songs.

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And those are all the songs in The Bear Season 2, which is now available to stream on Hulu. Check out our other coverage here, and some of our other TV and film hubs below:

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