June 19, 2024

TikToker Shares ‘Foolproof’ Way to Get Free Drinks From Men at Bars

  • A TikToker revealed her controversial method of getting free drinks at a bar “99% of the time.”
  • She says the trick is to find a guy with a “super big ego” and offer to buy him a drink.
  • “The bigger the ego, the better, and the easier this will probably be,” she told followers.

A woman on TikTok has shared her “best secret” of how she manages to get free drinks at the bar “99% of the time”.

Kendall Kiper, 21 years old, who goes by the username TikTok @kendallkiperdivided into a video posted on July 16 that her key to getting a free drink as a woman is to offer to buy a man a drink first. As of Friday, her video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

“This has only worked for me once, and I do it this way more often than I care to admit,” she said in the video.

She suggested that people find “a guy who seems to have a really big ego,” and go up to him and ask what he’s drinking before offering him a drink.

“This ego is a big factor. 99% of the time, they’re going to look at you and be like, ‘What? No, let me buy you a drink,'” she told fans.

Although Kiper said in the video that this method is controversial, she said, “Let’s not forget how men like to treat us. They give us shit 95% of the time. So girl, go get your free drink.”

While many of the comments from women on Kiper’s video praised her, some men were skeptical.

“Don’t try to do it on me. I’ll be the center and let you pay for my drink,” wrote one viewer.

“Prince vibes??? ok sassy babygirl!!” replied Kiper.

Many onlookers also seemed concerned that the idea would catch on, and that they would end up paying for someone else’s drink. “HELP this is so funny and so clever but imagine it doesn’t work and then you have to buy a shot of tequila soda lmfao,” said one viewer.

Kiper spoke to the traffic i another video post on July 17, in which she gave tips on how to “abort a mission.” She suggested making a “sign” with a friend so they can come over and pretend to feel sick, giving her an excuse to duck.

Kiper told Insider that she first started doing this when she lived in a college town in Georgia. She said that anytime she asked a guy what his favorite drink was for fun, he would usually buy it to try for her.

Although she was nervous the first time she offered to buy someone else a drink, and doubted her method would work, she said trust is key.

“It was like they didn’t want to be seen by anyone who swiped my card for them, their ego couldn’t take it so it worked out,” she told Insider.

Although she doesn’t do this often now that she lives in Los Angeles, she said she thinks it would still work: “One thing about LA guys, their ego is bigger than them.”

Although Kiper told Insider that the response to her video has been “a little controversial,” she said it’s been more positive than negative overall.

“I got a comment the other day saying I’m a ‘TikTok bar big sister’ from a girl and I thought it was so cute,” she said.

As for negative comments from men on the app, Kiper said it doesn’t come to her.

“I do stuff for girls, so honestly – as harsh as it sounds – I don’t really care about men’s opinions on this, they’re not my target audience,” she said.

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