February 26, 2024

A TikToker said she refused to give up 1 plane seat to a teenager

  • Another TikToker went viral for claiming she refused to swap seats so a child could sit with their family.
  • Sabra Zaraa says she was sitting in the coveted seat 1A and refused a question from a flight attendant.
  • ​​​​​​She received a lot of support, increasing the discussion of flight etiquette on TikTok.

A TikToker who says she was asked to move from her plane seat 1A during a flight has sparked another heated debate about flying etiquette on the app.

On July 20, Sabra Zaraa, pharmacist and doctoral researcher, according to her LinkedIn profileShe shared a short clip of herself on board a flight.

“POV: Flight agent asks me if I want to give up my seat 1A so a child can sit with his family,” read the caption of the post.

Seat 1A is the first seat in the first row of an airplane, and is often first class and considered The most desired a seat on the plane.

In a written caption to her post, Zaraa said she refused to move from her popular seat, adding that the family was “coming to terms” with being apart, although she did not specify how. The clip, which is often used by creators in situations where they are asked to make sacrifices for other people’s children, is accompanied by popular TikTok audio of someone saying, “Girl, fuck their babies and fuck you too.”

The TikToker also said in his caption that the child in question looked like he was about 13 years old, and some commenters on the video responded saying that they thought a teenage child should be able to sit up on their own.

This isn’t the first time someone has gone viral after being asked to get out of their recommended seats – and loudly refusing.

Back in January, another creator named Surya Garg also said she refused to swap seats when a mom asked to sit with her teenage son who looked at least 16 or 17.

Zaraa’s video received 2.5 million views and overwhelming support from commenters who said they thought she did the right thing. Some said they believed it was the responsibility of the child’s guardians to plan ahead and make sure they booked seats together, and would not swap seats for the convenience of a family or someone else unless they were offered an upgraded seat.

“Well done! If they wanted their boy next to them they should have booked seats next to them,” read the top comment on Zaraa’s video.

Those arguments echo similar ones made by previous creators on TikToks. They have sparked outrage among commentators who are frustrated by the social pressure they feel to move seats, especially when it comes to families with children.

Flight etiquette has become popular on TikTok in recent months due to these videos, and creators who specifically said they refused to swap seats in these situations have been praised for sticking to their guns.

As this debate has attracted more and more attention, users have now started posting parody videos making fun of the subject. In one case from February, when a video of the hitman claimed she was asked to switch seats some viewers believed she was talking about a real experience until she explained in a comment on her video that she was just “joking” about the excess of those TikToks.

Zaraa did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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