April 24, 2024

Team 17’s upcoming indies – hands-on details – PlayStation.Blog

It’s been a great season for gaming on PlayStation, and fun experiences are still around the corner. We had a chance to get our hands on some upcoming indie titles from Team 17, and here are the games you should be looking out for in the dog days of summer.

Moving Out 2

If you’ve been in the mood for a fun couch co-op or online game to get your groove on, then Moving Out 2 is a must play. The folks at Devm Games and SMG Studio decided to double the content of the original title, adding new game mechanics such as sorting furniture, objects that can’t go through certain doors (there were), and hidden items unlocked by a cast of different characters representing race, gender and accessibility. The biggest improvement comes in the form of the whacky dimensions you travel to, which have different rules when it comes to moving. Whether it’s hotel swing rooms held by giants or the sticky cases that led to the candy dimension, when you tackle items, the adaptive triggers of the DualSense PS5 wireless controller respond in kind, adding to that real-world flavor of trying to push an item through with a friend who thinks you just need to turn it more.

Release date: 15 August
Platform: PS5/PS4

Blasphemous 2

Another powerhouse sequel, Blasphemous 2, is a challenging 2D exploration adventure that takes place after the events of Wounds of Eventide. The devs at The Game Kitchen created a beautiful hand-drawn art style that adds personality to the stock main character. As uncool as fighting can be, the combination of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers sell the adrenaline rush of battle. You can feel the incoming attacks of a boss, the pushback of hit deflection, and of course, the swings of your arms, which are different depending on what arms were chosen at the beginning of the game. You will be rewarded with truly immersive combat if you want to test your reflexes in a dark but beautiful world.

Release date: 15 August
Platform: PS5


Gord from former Frostpunk and The Witcher 3 developers – Covenant.dev – is an interesting mix of genres to bring Slavic folklore to the mainstream. At its core, it’s a town building simulator with population management and survival mechanics thrown into the mix. It’s a grim title, not for the faint of heart, but the trials and tribulations you go through to keep your village alive are exciting. Everything from slashing monsters that hide in the dark to sending people on dangerous errands for the good of the masses. Putting that together and dealing with the emotional trauma of the townspeople due to your actions and outside forces is difficult, but this is an unexpected emotional journey as motivation to keep everything going and your people alive.

Release date: August 8
Platform: PS5

Classified: France ’44

Bringing to light a smaller story called Allied special forces sent to weaken the opposition in the weeks leading up to D-Day, Classified: France ’44 is an evolution of the modern tactics game from developers at Absolutely Games. No roleplay will ever be the same as the mission you have access to will change depending on who you recruit, the skills you learn or don’t learn, and the success of each task. Outside of the endless possibilities of story progression, the gameplay is a drawn-out chess game where morale, weapons, reloading, pawn placement and abilities are managed. Changing mission objectives, enemy reinforcements, and even your skill in staying unconscious or not all play on the unpredictability of the war and adapt the strategy to it.

Release date: 2023 TBD
Platform: PS5

As we prepare for fall blockbusters, these exciting titles from Team 17 will keep you occupied with their variety of gameplay and replayability. Whether you want to get lost for hours on a solo adventure or laugh with a friend, you can have that and more all summer long on PlayStation.

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