February 21, 2024

Woman Gets Involved After Being ‘Gorred’ by Bison at Yellowstone

  • Chris Whitehill planned to propose to his wife Amber Harris at Yellowstone National Park.
  • His plan took an unfortunate turn after bison “gored” Harris on Monday during a hike.
  • Harris said on social media that she suffered seven back fractures, collapsed lungs and suffered an abscess.

A Phoenix, Arizona woman was hospitalized Monday after a bison ruined her fiance’s original proposal plans.

For about a year, Amber Harris, 47, prepared to visit Yellowstone National Park with her daughter Rylee Eckblad and her then-boyfriend Chris Whitehill. Unbeknownst to Harris, Whitehill was also quietly planning to propose a “natural bridge”. wrote the fiancée on Facebook.

Those plans took an unfortunate turn, however, on Monday morning when the couple encountered two bison while walking towards Yellowstone Lake.

“There were a few other people and about 20 elk wandering around so we waited for them to clear before walking through the park,” Harris wrote. “About half way to the water, we noticed 2 bison. 1 on the path we were walking and the other in the opposite direction.”

Harris claimed one of the bison was about 50 yards away. The animal fell and rolled around in the dirt “like a dog would” before getting up and running towards Harris.

The National Park Service (NPS) said i press release that Harris was “charged and gored” and sustained “significant injuries to his chest and abdomen.” Harris wrote on Facebook that she suffered seven broken spines, “bilateral collapsed lungs,” and “bruising all over.”

“Glory to God all my vital organs look good,” she wrote. The couple sent a GoFundMe collect money for medical bills.

The NPS said the incident remains under investigation. Whitehill did not immediately return a request for comment.

According to the park agency, wildlife in Yellowstone “Can be dangerous when gone.” During the mating season, from mid-July to mid-August, bison become excited quickly, NPS wrote. In general, “a buffalo is predictable and can run three times faster than people,” according to the park agency.

Harris was transported by helicopter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, NPS wrote.

That night, Whitehill got down on one knee by his hospital bed and asked Harris to be his wife.

“Without any hesitation, I said yes!” she wrote.

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