June 15, 2024

4 Women in Wild Brawl at Las Vegas Casino Over Married Man: Police

  • Viral footage showed women fighting on a casino floor in Las Vegas.
  • Police report received by Fox news digital said the women fighting over a married man.
  • One of the women told police she was “dating/sleeping with a married man.”

A wild fight broke out between four women on the floor of a Las Vegas casino over a married man, police said.

The fight between the women, captured on video in multiple pieces of footage that went viral, was over an alleged affair, according to a report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department acquired by Fox News Digital.

One piece of footage, apparently captured by a bystander, shows men trying to pull two women apart inside a casino while a third woman also tries to intervene.

One woman is pinned down on the floor by a man whose skirt has come up to reveal her underwear. She is then sent away, and the film does not show what happened to the other women. A total of four women were involved in the fight, the police report said.

Other footage shows the same woman approaching a bystander who tried to intervene while brandishing a flip flop with pink heels and a woman on a mobility scooter joining the fray, The Daily Mail reported.

The incident happened on July 9 near a poker tournament at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, Fox News reported.

The police report offered new alleged details about why the incident happened.

He identified the woman pinned to the floor as 24-year-old Danielle Pertusiello, and she told police she was going into the bathrooms after leaving a party with her friend, 29-year-old Amanda Collado, when they were both “struck from behind with a closed fist in the back of the head,” Fox News reported.

The police report said Pertusiello said she was “dating/sleeping with a married man,” and that a woman had previously been caught “cheating on her” with Pertusiello, according to Fox News.

Fox News said one of the women in the fight was the alleged wife, but it’s unclear who she is in the video.

Details, including the name of the man and his wife, were redacted in the report, Fox News reported.

The police report said surveillance footage from the casino showed a woman tapping Pertusiello and Collados on the shoulders, and then “all four females begin throwing punches at each other.” The fight ended when a security guard took Pertusiello to the ground, Fox News reported.

Pertusiello and Collado were issued citations for disorderly conduct and released, Fox News reported. Both women did not immediately return requests from the outlet for comment.

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