April 23, 2024

Are there too many cozy life sims? Chill Town’s one-day Kickstarter success says no, of course not

The much awaited cozy life sim with the least stressful name ever, Ballykill, has reached its $10,000 Kickstarter goal in just 24 hours. Backed by an impressive following, the game is smashing through its many stretch goals and funding totals are growing.

A sweet mix of Disney Dreamlight Valley and Stardew Valley, with a sprinkling of Animal Crossing to boot, Dallas-based Crytivo Games is bringing this cell-shaded chibi world to life as we speak, and it already looks so full of potential. Not only can you place more than 800 decorative objects, dress up your avatar, plant and cook all kinds of items, and help develop a small town, there are even surprises in the form of Animal Plants – also known as Pals.

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