June 24, 2024

Best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Cases to Buy in 2023

$35 at Amazon

OtterBox Symmetry Series Plus

Best overall iPhone 14 Pro case

$24 at Amazon

Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit

Best cheap MagSafe case for iPhone 14

$19 at Amazon

Caseology Capella Mag Clear

Under $20 iPhone 14 MagSafe case

$40 at Amazon

Peak Design Everyday cases

MagSafe-compatible iPhone case with its own accessory ecosystem

$23 at Amazon

Lupa Legacy Wallet Case

Affordable folio wallet case

$50 at Otterbox

The Otterbox Figura and Lumen are eye-catching cases for the iPhone 14

Otterbox Figura and Lumen cases

Best Otterbox iPhone 14 cases exclusively sold at Apple and Otterbox.com

$40 at Amazon

Element Case Special Ops X5 MagSafe case

Sleek yet rugged iPhone 14 case

$40 at Amazon

Price alerts on for Element Case Special Ops X5 MagSafe case

$50 at Zagg

Gear4 cases

Slim, stylish, protective iPhone 14 case

$40 at Amazon

Catalyst cases

Clean look, lanyard-friendly iPhone 14 case

$32 at Amazon

The Otterbox OtterGrip integrates a retractable grip into a Symmetry Series case

Otterbox OtterGrip case

Best case with an integrated grip

$59 at Moft

Moft case with MagSafe kickstand wallet

Best iPhone 14 case with MagSafe kickstand/wallet combo

$35 at Incipio

Incipio cases

Best assortment of iPhone 14 case options

$70 at Rokform

Rokform Eagle 3 Magnetic Golf Case

Case with most powerful MagSafe magnet

See at Amazon

Tech21 cases

Our old favorite case, now for iPhone 14

$21 at Amazon

Case-Mate Blox

Best iPhone 14 case with square corners

$35 at Amazon

Wildflower x Olivia O’Brien Case

Best TikTok viral phone case

$35 at Amazon

Price alerts on for Wildflower x Olivia O’Brien Case

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are the most durable iPhones yet but that doesn’t mean they won’t scratch, crack or break. Considering the high amount you already paid for your iPhone, it’s a good idea to protect your investment with one of the best iPhone 14, 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max cases available on the market today.

What to look for in an iPhone case

If you’ve bought an iPhone 14 and are looking for a case, you probably know that each new model has its own specific case, so make sure you get the correct one. Note that the Pro versions, which include the iPhone 14 Pro and larger iPhone 14 Pro Max, sport extra cameras that require a larger cutout on the back of your case. 

Whether you need the best iPhone 14 Pro case or the best case for the standard iPhone 14 model, we’ve rounded up some great everyday options in a variety of styles and prices, from slimmer to more rugged. We’ve tried all these cases with an iPhone 14 and will continue to add other top cases as we find others that we think are worthy of this list.

Best iPhone 14 cases

The Otterbox Symmetry Series Plus comes in a new Euphoria color


OtterBox made a name for itself with its super-protective Defender series case, but most people want something less bulky these days. I like the Symmetry Series Plus cases, which come in various shades (including the new Euphoria color shown here) and have MagSafe compatibility. The Symmetry Plus Pop case integrates a PopSockets PopGrip and is compatible with wireless charging, which is important. OtterBox offers a discount for first-time buyers on its site.

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Speck has brought many of its iPhone 13 case designs to the iPhone 14, including such popular transparent models as the Presidio Perfect-Clear and Perfect-Clear Grips, and the Presidio2 Pro. Speck’s cases with built-in MagSafe cost around $50, while its Candyshell Pro case remains the least expensive at around $25 but does not have MagSafe.


MagSafe cases can get pretty pricey, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive clear MagSafe case for your new iPhone 14 series phone, Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid MagFit is a good value at around $25. Spigen also sells a non-Mag version of this case for about $8 less, and also has several other iPhone 14 case options. 

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Caseology has made some decent budget cases in the past, including the NanoPop, Parallax, Skyfall and Vault. Its new Capella Mag Clear is one of the cheaper transparent MagSafe cases we’ve seen.

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Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Peak Design’s Everyday cases are MagSafe-compatible in that you can connect a MagSafe wireless charging puck and other magnetic MagSafe-compatible accessories to the case, including wireless charging batteries, wallets and more. But they have Peak Design’s own built-in magnetic locking system — the company calls it SlimLink — that connects to a wide assortment of Peak Design’s mobile mounts and accessories. That includes bike mounts, charging stands, tripods, car mounts and more. The only accessory I don’t recommend is the wallet, which doesn’t lock onto the case and doesn’t stick to it that securely.

Lupa Legacy

Lupa Legacy makes a couple of different wallet cases for the iPhone 14 models. I like the folio version that has a magnetic clasp and is made of faux leather in a variety of color options. It has three slots on the inside of the cover to store credit cards or cash, and it offers decent corner protection from drops. The faux leather looks decent (the case looks a little more expensive than it is, which is a good thing).

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The Otterbox Figura and Lumen are eye-catching cases for the iPhone 14

David Carnoy/CNET

One of my favorite iPhone cases right now is the Otterbox Lumen, a two-tone case that’s partially clear at the top (it’s sort of an ombre case) and has grippy silicone rubber on the sides. It comes in a few color options, including the metallic beige shown here (the blue and silver seem cool).

David Carnoy/CNET

Element Case makes its high-end $250 Back Ops X5 case for the iPhone 14, but its more affordable Special Ops X5 MagSafe case is a very likable case with beefed up corner protection and raised edges on the back and front to help prevent your screen and cameras from getting cracked. It also has good side grips. I kind of wish it came in some other color options, but that’s my only gripe. It’s a very good case.

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Cyrill is a sister brand to Spigen, and its cases are arguably slightly more stylish, although they cost a few bucks more. I like the UltraColor Mag ($25), and the Kajuk Mag ($27) is also pretty nice, owing to its faux “vegan” leather back. The transparent Shine Mag ($30) cases are attractively designed with “a touch of sparkle” for those who like a bit of flash in their iPhone case.

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British case-maker Gear4, now owned by Zagg, makes cases that are right up there with OtterBox and Speck, all of them lined with the company’s D3O shock-absorbing material and featuring beveled edges to protect your phone. I like the new Milan Snap (pictured) and Santa Cruz Snap, both of which are MagSafe-equipped and rated for 13-foot drop protection. However, several other case styles are available, most of them with eye-catching designs. They start at $30 for non-MagSafe cases, but most MagSafe models list for $50 to $60.

Catalyst case

Like Lifeproof, Catalyst made a name for itself with waterproof cases, but it now focuses on standard protective case options and has two new models for the iPhone 14: the $40 Influence (pictured) is my favorite, but the new $50 Crux case is also good (both are MagSafe-enabled). They have perforations on the corners that allow you to attach various accessories (a lanyard is included, but Catalyst also sells other accessories). Both have 10-foot drop protection.

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David Carnoy/CNET

Nomad’s line of leather cases comes to the iPhone 14. However, now Nomad is offering two grades of leather — the standard variety and a higher-end Horween that costs $20 more ($70 rather than $50). At least the Horween version is designed to develop a “rugged” patina as the oils from your skin interact with the leather over time. The new Modern Leather Case is available in black, brown, English tan and a lighter natural color that I like. They’re rated for 10-foot (3-meter) drop protection and equipped with MagSafe. (Personally, I like the English tan color pictured on the left). Meanwhile, the Modern Leather Folio (pictured, middle) goes for $80 in black or brown.


Casetify has three base models that you can customize with any of Casetify’s eye-catching stock designs or something more personal (like your name). New to the line is the Bounce case, which offers even more corner protection than the Ultra Impact case (both of which are MagSafe-enabled). Some of the designs are hit-or-miss, and many are geared toward teenagers.

The Otterbox OtterGrip integrates a retractable grip into a Symmetry Series case


Available in multiple color options, what makes Otterbox’s OtterGrip case interesting is that when it’s not in use, the grip retracts back into the case (it sits flush with the back of the case). It is designed for “strong alignment and attachment with MagSafe technology and accessories without removing or repositioning the case or grip,” OtterBox says. That means you could attach the case to a MagSafe car mount, for example, or a MagSafe battery or charging stand.

David Carnoy/CNET

This is a pretty cool option for those looking for a MagSafe case, plus a MagSafe wallet that converts into a stand. You can enjoy a relatively sleek and protective MagSafe case and really good MagSafe wallet/stand accessory that stores up to three credit cards. The wallet, also available separately, sticks well to the back of the case with a strong magnet.


Rokform’s been making tough iPhone cases for years, and aside from their durability, their key feature is the ability to use them with various mounts — including bike and motorcycle mounts — that are sold separately. I personally prefer the Crystal series, but the Rugged case is slightly more, well, rugged. The new iPhone 14 cases are also MagSafe compatible.

Incipio has lots of new cases for the iPhone 14, including old favorites like the Grip with MagSafe, sturdy Duo with MagSafe (12-foot drop protection) and the Organicore, an eco case that’s 100% compostable and is now available with a translucent back. It also has licensing deals with Kate Spade and Coach, and some of those cases offer eye-catching designs.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Rokform makes some mountable rugged cases for iPhones (see above), but its Eagle 3 case has a unique feature that I appreciated: A powerful MagSafe-compatible magnet built into the case.

Tech 21

Tech21 has a range of iPhone 14 cases, including its popular Evo Check (pictured), which is equipped with MagSafe for $40 to $50. There are also several other cases to choose from, including the ultraprotective Evo Max, which is rated for 20-foot drops and has a slide cover to protect the iPhone 14’s back cameras, along with a holster you can clip to your belt. 


Although they don’t have MagSafe, I’m a fan of Clckr’s cases, which feature a built-in kickstand and grip strap (it’s available in purple or black) that folds out and clicks into place on the back of your phone. Clckr sells just the stand/strap accessory to stick on the back of your phone (or on a case), but the iPhone case with the integrated kickstand accessory is better. At launch, only the clear version of the case is available, but hopefully Clckr’s faux-leather Saffiano case will return for the iPhone 14 (I liked the blue version of that for the iPhone 13).


Smartish’s affordable, simple, slim cases and wallet cases return for the iPhone 14. The Wallet Slayer 2.0 case (pictured) comes in a few different designs, including the Groovy color shown here. It holds three credit cards plus cash, and you can use one of your credit cards as a kickstand. However, its one downside is that it’s not compatible with wireless and MagSafe chargers.


David Carnoy/CNET

Some people prefer not to have a case on their phone or just want something that’s very thin that offers minimal protection. If you’re that type of person, a Totallee case may just be what you’re looking for.

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David Carnoy/CNET

Case-Mate makes several eye-catching cases for the various iPhone 14 models, but its squarish Blox case is the one I like the most. It comes in a variety of colors, is MagSafe-enabled, clearly has good corner protection and is reasonably priced. I’m showing the clear model on a deep purple iPhone 14 Pro, but it’s also worth checking out the other colors, including rainbow frosting.

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David Carnoy/CNET

Urban Armor Gear offers several case options for the iPhone 14 models in a variety of colors, with MagSafe versions costing about $10 more than their non MagSafe counterparts. I like the Plasma (pictured middle), which comes in ash and white, while the Lucent (left) and Civilian Series (right) are also good and available in multiple colors.

The Otterbox Fre case for iPhone 14 is fully waterproof and dust-proof

David Carnoy/CNET

Most new phones, including the iPhone 14 series models, offer a decent level of water resistance. But if you want some added protection, Otterbox still sells its waterproof and shockproof Fre case — and the latest version is built for MagSafe accessories.

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Based in Austin, Texas, Bluebonnet is named after the state flower and crafts leather-clad accessories for various Apple products, including iPhones, MacBooks, Watches and AirPods. It does make a standard full-grain leather iPhone case that’s nice, but I thought its leather wallet cases were more unique and enticing. They’re available in limited color options (black or tan) in a few different styles, including a folio case that has a magnetic clasp (shown above, at right). Both the iPhone Wallet case (above left) and Card Holder case (not shown) feature an “organic” cotton elastic finger loop for grip.


During the past couple of years, Wildflower phone cases have risen in popularity. Collabs with music festivals such as Coachella and influencers like Emma Chamberlin have helped the female-founded business get its name out there. Though there are dozens of designs for iPhones of all shapes and sizes, I love the Wildflower x Olivia O’Brien case collab.

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How we test the best iPhone 14 case

Virtually every case that appears on this list has been tested by CNET’s expert reviews team on at least one of the iPhone 14 models (we tested cases using an iPhone 14 and an iPhone 14 Pro). That means actually using the phone with the case on the phone for at least a day and making sure the buttons on the phone work properly with the case on.

  • Design: We evaluate the more superficial and cosmetic aspects of cases. considering how aesthetically pleasing it is because people do buy cases solely for their colors and the artwork on the cases. 
  • Durability: We look at the durability of the case, paying particular attention to corner and camera protection (raised corners on case can help your phone survive face-down falls).
  • Grip factor: We review the material the case is made of so we can talk about such factors as how grippy the phone feels in your hand and how protective it is. 
  • Extra features: Some iPhone cases have extra features such as MagSafe, integrated kickstand or grips and, in the case of folio models, slots for storing credits cards and cash.
  • Long-term testing: While we don’t do long-term testing for most cases, we do use some of the most popular cases for longer periods to gauge how they wear over time and see how well our phone holds up during accidental drops with the case on it. That said, we don’t do formal drop tests.
  • Waterproof cases: Only a few fully waterproof cases are available, but If the case is supposed to be fully waterproof, we test it by submerging it in water. 

This Otterbox case for the iPhone 14 Pro has good corner protection

We look at design features like the raised corners on this Otterbox case when we test the best iPhone cases.

David Carnoy/CNET

iPhone 14 case FAQs

How protective of an iPhone 14 case should I buy?

I personally like cases that aren’t too thick but offer decent drop protection, with a lip over the edge of the screen (sometimes referred to as a “screen bumper”) and raised corners that help prevent your screen from cracking if your phone should fall face down. A folio case will more fully protect your screen.

Should I get a MagSafe case for my iPhone 14?

All the iPhone 14 models are equipped with Apple’s MagSafe feature, which offers faster wireless charging with compatible chargers. It also supports optional accessories — including Magsafe wallet, mini wallets and various mounts — that adhere magnetically to the back of your phone. Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 has “an array of magnets” (Apple says they’re recycled) embedded around a charging coil that can pull up to 15 watts of power.

Are MagSafe cases more expensive?

In general, yes — about $10 more. There are some more affordable MagSafe cases that cost around $20, but most cost upwards of $30. We see cases from certain companies that are essentially the same, but one has MagSafe and the other doesn’t, and the MagSafe version usually sells for $10 more. It may seem like a little too much to pay for something that doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade, but in time MagSafe compatibility may command less of a “tax.” 

Best cases for other iPhone models

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