June 15, 2024

Diablo 4 Update Makes a Weird Change to the Werebear Druid


  • Druid players in Diablo 4 noticed an unexpected change in the color of their Werebear form, with bears now appearing in cheeto-orange and yellow colors.
  • While every class in Season 1 has been nerfed, the Druid class is the only one to experience this cosmetic change, causing frustration among players.
  • The color change in the Werebear form has been met with amusement and confusion from players, who are not sure if it was intentional or a bug, and are waiting for a response from the developer.

Since the latest update, Diablo 4 players who favor the Druid cause the class’ Werebear form to suddenly change colors. Season 1’s phasing out and the many changes it made certainly sparked debate and left many fans unhappy. Some would argue that the future of the controversial first season is in doubt Diablo 4. While a lot of attention has been paid to major changes throughout the game, there have also been many class-specific updates introduced.

Every five Diablo 4 The classes were nerfed to some extent in Season 1, but it seems that each class also has its own specific issues that have different groups of players frustrated for unique reasons. From players of sorcerers to necromancer fans, almost every group seems to have something they have a problem with. Only the Druids seem to have a strange cosmetic change to their class, and players are wondering why it happened.

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Free werewolf and werewolf fur color, Diablo 4 determined by the character’s hair color in human form, and it looks like at least some of these possible fur colors have been tweaked in the latest update. Redditors are reporting that dark red bears have previously changed to Cheeto-orange, and blond bears are “as yellow as Winnie the Pooh.” The discussion started with a post by user mysterious_quartz, and dozens of others quickly joined in to share their own similar discoveries. Unfortunately, these players are generally not happy with the modifications.

It seems that most commenters are finding these color changes funny and goofy rather than threatening and intimidating. This is unlikely to be the impression Blizzard was hoping to evoke, and leaves players wondering why the change was made at all. It also has some players who wanted to build on Werebear endgame Diablo 4 wondering if they should switch to something else.

There is currently no indication whether this change was intentional on the developer’s part or a bug of some sort. Likewise, the developer doesn’t seem to have responded to this issue yet, so fans aren’t sure if the new colors are here to stay. Blizzard has already reversed one controversial change, so it’s not impossible that the Werebear colors will be changed back as well. For now, Druid players will have to endure the harshest tones and wait for word from the dev team.

Diablo 4 currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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