June 15, 2024

Here’s How Grand Theft Auto 5 Runs on Switch


  • Grand Theft Auto 5, despite being almost 10 years old, is still selling very well with over 180 million units sold to date.
  • A YouTuber tried to run the game on the Nintendo Switch using the Linux operating system but encountered significant performance issues, with frame rates hovering around 6 to 8 frames per second.
  • A version of the game specially optimized for the Switch may do better, though.

A cool video online showed footage of it Game grand theft auto 5 running on the Nintendo Switch, with surprising results. While Rockstar Games was released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch in recent years, its flagship title Game grand theft auto 5 it never made it onto the scene despite huge sales everywhere else.

Despite the game approaching its tenth birthday in the coming months, car theft 5The ongoing demand is extremely significant. Recently, Take-Two’s financial report revealed that it was Game grand theft auto 5 It has sold over 180 million units to date, making it one of the best selling games ever made. Although gamers are crying about its development sequence, the community seems to be happy with the play Game grand theft auto 5 for a while yet.

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YouTuber Geekerwan released the footage in a video where they turn the Nintendo Switch into a Steam Deck by forcing it to run a Linux operating system. This allows them to run other PC games there, with Game grand theft auto 5 especially visible. The results are not pretty. The console really struggles to run Game grand theft auto 5, with the CPU capable of handling the game’s open world. They try it at different graphics settings, but it makes little difference. Most of the movie shows it hovering at about 6 to 8 frames per second, making it basically unplayable. There is a chance that an official version of the game that was optimized for the Switch would do better, though.

As well as Game grand theft auto 5Geekerwan also checks the performance of other games that are not currently on Nintendo Switch such as Devil May Cry 5 and God of war. Unfortunately, the results are similar, and frame rates never hit a playable level, even at lower settings. While Nintendo Switch has some of the best open source games of all time, it’s interesting to see that it struggles to handle a title that was first released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The performance of Game grand theft auto 5 on Nintendo Switch could have some potential implications for feasibility Game grand theft auto 6 arriving on the scene. Although it has been confirmed that the game is in development, Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed the platforms it is intended for. However, if a ten-year-old title is already struggling to run, chances are the developer will decide to skip the console entirely for the sequel. It should be noted that this is technically an emulation version Game grand theft auto 5 it would have a negative impact on performance, and Game grand theft auto 6 Switch would be optimized specifically for the platform. With rumors suggesting that Game grand theft auto 6 It could come as early as 2024, gamers may not have long to wait to see if it comes to the platform.

Game grand theft auto 5 now available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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