February 23, 2024

Here’s a List of Promising ‘Diablo 4’ Changes Blizzard Says Are Coming

Blizzard has just finished broadcasting a Campfire chat which served as a mea culpa for the 1.1 patch that caused players to rend their clothes and review the game bomb into oblivion on Metacritic. The nerf-heavy patch destroyed builder and made the game much more of a slog.

The end result of the conversation was that a large number of changes are being made to the game, with promises being made about what is to come, and what will not happen again. Here’s a list of everything Blizzard promised during the show.

  • In general, they said they would never have a patch like this again, avoiding the kind of disaster we saw here from the community. They get it, apparently.
  • The overall goal is for them to be able to make multiple builds to be able to thrive with each class, and as such, new items and powers will be added each season to make that happen.
  • They promise to make huge buffs in the future when they implement massive nerfs to compensate, even if that means some builds will be overpowered for a while.
  • In the same way, they say they’re fine with leaving more OP builds alone, and instead focus on builds that actually are. bugged be doing massive damage (recent Barbarian whirlwind, Druid strips and Sorcerer ice shards). But strong buildings should not be hit so often.
  • A new endgame activity is said to be coming that will help give high level players more than just Nightmare Dungeons. There is no timeline on that yet.
  • One thing they promised and already implemented is the Nightmare dungeon difficulty, where now a level 100 dungeon feels like a level 70 only, because they admitted that the higher ones were way off. This does not affect the lower dungeons much, but from maybe 40 onwards, you will start to feel the difference. This was already fixed last night.
  • Blizzard says they will communicate patch notes in advance, avoiding the kind of surprises we saw with this last patch, where changes weren’t announced until the patch was already live.

There are some changes coming in patch 1.1.1 which should be here in less than two weeks, and details will be revealed in another chat next Friday. But the additions announced so far are:

  • They will increase Monster Density in Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons.
  • They will add another Stash tab to alleviate some inventory issues.
  • The cost of gold appreciation will be reduced by 40%.
  • Barbarians and especially Sorcerers will see big buffs coming in the patch.

For the upcoming seasons, they are looking at overpowered enemies that kill players too quickly like Corpse Bows, charging enemies or enemies that explode after death.

  • They are looking at chaining crowd control as a key thing that kills players too often.
  • They mentioned that loadings are being considered, but nothing concrete about that yet.
  • They said Uber’s Unique drop rates would likely increase eventually.
  • They will go back to the old Features and Uniques and keep making fun of them so they can be relevant or stay relevant.

Those are the big points, and it’s all good stuff. I sure wish things like Nightmare Dungeon nerfs or Sorcerer buffs were paired with the 1.1 patch itself, but changes are coming, and relatively quickly at that.

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