April 20, 2024

Kate Gosselin calls her son Collin Gosselin ‘Unpredictable and Violent’

  • Kate Gosselin called her son Collin “unpredictable and violent” in a new statement to People.
  • She was responding to comments made by Collin on Deputy Television saying that his mother had taken out “anger and frustration” on him.
  • In a statement to People, Jon, Collin’s father, called Kate’s “offensive words” out.

Former TLC star Kate Gosselin responded after her son Collin Gosselin, 19, accused her of taking out “anger and frustration” on him amid her divorce from father Jon Gosselin in 2009. Kate institutionalized Collin twice during her teenage years.

I a long statement to PeopleKate said she felt she had “no choice” but to speak out after Jon, Collin, and Hannah Gosselin talked about Kate’s alleged behavior toward Collin on Vice TV’s “Dark Side of the 2000s.”

Kate said Collin received “psychiatric diagnoses” that prompted her to put him in a facility at age 12 for his “safety” and the safety of Collin’s other seven siblings.

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TV personality Kate Gosselin arrives at the NBCUniversal 2015 Winter TCA Tour – Day 2 at The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on January 16, 2015 in Pasadena, California

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“The decision to admit him was made by emergency room doctors after one of his many attacks/outbursts – this one involving his use of a weapon,” his statement said.

On “The Dark Side of the 2000s,” Jon said that when he went to one of the facilities to pick up his son, doctors told him that there was “no diagnosis yet” for Collin but that they were going to “figure it out.” Collin was diagnosed with ADHD.

Although Collin said he has not seen his mother since he was released from the facility, in her statement she said Collin continues to display “unpredictable and violent behavior” toward “Jon, Hannah, and others around him.”

She said that Collin has a “distorted view of reality” when it comes to his health issues and that his “doings” don’t surprise her.

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Kate Gosselin competed on season 10 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”


“Unfortunately, I believe that Collin is still a troubled young man who always needs a lot of help. His siblings and I have not been directly involved in his life due to his history of unpredictable behavior and violent tendencies towards us,” Kate’s statement read towards the end.

Collin and Hannah Gosselin did not immediately respond to Insider’s individual requests for comment, made via Instagram.

A representative for Jon Gosselin did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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“Regarding these brand new false allegations, it seems clear that even today after not seeing her son since the 6th grade, Kate is unable to control her abusive words toward him,” Jon’s statement to People said. “Collin is training to be a Marine to serve his country and he can’t answer his mother’s callous lies.”

Collin first spoke out about his mother being institutionalized in November 2022 on Entertainment Tonight.

When Collin was released from his last facility, he lived with his dad who was awarded temporary full custody in 2018. Kate reportedly did not show up to the custody hearing.

The Gosselin family starred on the TLC reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” in the early 2000s. The show followed Jon and Kate’s adventures with their twins Mady and Cara, now 22, and sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel.

Hannah and Collin currently live with Jon and her six other siblings live with Kate. In 2018, Collin told Entertainment Tonight that he was not in a relationship with Kate but that he was “hoping” to see his estranged sisters again.

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