March 3, 2024

Mario Kart Tour is adding GBA Classic Track in the Upcoming Tour


  • The latest Mario Kart Tour brings back the classic GBA Mario Kart track, Lakeside Park, with a revitalized 3D makeover.
  • The Sunshine Tour also introduces new content, including a new Mario Kart Mii racing suit based on Toadette.
  • While the mobile game continues to receive regular updates, fans are hoping to see some of the additions in Mario Kart Tour come to the home console version, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The latest trip in Online game Mario Kart Tour It’s been announced, and it’s bringing back the revived GBA Mario Kart game track with him. Fans don’t have to wait long for the Sunshine Tour and the chance to revisit the classic track.

While the latest entry in the series is getting fresh content on Switch via its Booster Course Pass, including the surprise addition of new racers Game Mario kart 8 Deluxethe mobile game is also going strong. Online game Mario Kart Tour It has received some backlash for its microtransactions, but the title regularly gets new content in the form of brand new or remastered tracks, racers with alternate costumes, and plenty of vehicles to choose from.

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Now, Online game Mario Kart Tour getting ready for his Sunshine Tour, and he is hyping up the event by showing footage of gameplay from his incoming track, Lakeside Park. Parkside Park was first introduced with the series back on the GBA i Mario Kart: Super Circuit and has received a 3D makeover for Online game Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo has shared a short trailer that gives players an idea of ​​what to expect, while also showing off a variety of vehicles and character skins available. The Sunshine Tour is coming up on July 26th at 11pm PT.

As with other tours, this one too will have a new feature Mario Kart game Mii racing suit. This time the costume is based on Toadette. The update will also see the return of the Daisy Cruiser track, a sailor-themed outfit for rockers, and submarine-themed go-karts.

While the new Sunshine Tour is currently the focus of the mobile game, it’s possible that fans of the franchise could see some of these additions coming to the home console version as well. Game Mario kart 8 Deluxe It has been gradually releasing waves of classic tracks for players to enjoy, some of them coming from the mobile game. However, there is only one wave left in the Game Mario kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass, so there’s no guarantee Lakeside Park will make the cut.

even though Mario Kart 8 game It started on the Wii U troubled, the Deluxe The release was a huge success for Nintendo, being one of the best titles running on the Switch. There seems to be more than enough room among fans of the series for both console and mobile releases, although it will be interesting to see how much of Online game Mario Kart Tourcontent finally shifts to Mario Kart 9 game. Meanwhile, players of both games should have plenty to keep them going this year.

Online game Mario Kart Tour now available for mobile devices.

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