April 20, 2024

New Apple Leak Reveals Much-Needed Enhanced iPhone Feature

07/22 Update below. This post was originally published on 20 July.

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro Max is set to receive a massive upgrade that will put it far ahead of this year’s iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to a new report.

Post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the well-known leakster known to the English-speaking world as “Digital Chat Station” details a vastly improved camera for Apple’s 2024 flagship smartphone that will give it three major advantages over the 2023 flagship model.

Expected upgrades include a much larger main camera sensor, improved lens optics and an all-new ‘super telephoto’ lens, which is expected to be significantly more powerful than the new periscope zoom lens ordered for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Here are more detailed specifications for the new camera:

  • A new super telephoto periscope combination
  • Larger Type 1 / 1.14 primary camera sensor – much larger than the Type 1 / 1.28 sensor found in the iPhone 14 Pro
  • A new eight-element lens consisting of seven plastic elements and a new “expensive” molded glass element.

Long-range zoom on the iPhone’s camera is a much-needed upgrade, lagging behind the best Android flagships in this regard. While the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s purported periscope lens will go a long way to address this issue, expect the iPhone 16 Pro Max to go even further.

The term “super-telephoto” can be interpreted, but it is usually used to refer to higher magnifications than the 6x periscope zoom that the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 16 Pro are expected to reach. As a result of this there is speculation that the larger iPhone 16 Pro Max model will retain a significant advantage over the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the standard iPhone 16 Pro when it comes to long-range zoom.

Using a larger main camera sensor will greatly increase the amount of light the camera can capture in a single shot. This is one of the most important factors that determine overall image quality and should help the iPhone capture clearer shots, especially in low light.

Any likely improvements to the lens are more difficult to quantify, but additional features tend to provide reduced distortion and clearer images. Larger camera sensors also require correspondingly larger lenses, which may be another reason to switch to a new optical formula.

If this latest leak was true, we would be looking at an iPhone 16 Pro Max camera that surpasses other iPhones in more ways than previously expected. For now, customers will only have to look forward to Apple’s best camera with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is expected to launch this September.

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07/22 Update: Respected Android Leaker RGcloudS has included additional information regarding new lens designs for both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 ranges. demanding “The upcoming iP15 series will be the world’s first phone with a hybrid lens. next to Chinese brands.1G6P • F1.7 aperture, means the same IMX sensor but captures 15-20% more light and better colors leaving samsung as the most outdated camera lens with no branding, all plastic”

Here, “1G6P” refers to a camera lens built with one glass element and 6 plastic elements. Glass elements are more expensive to manufacture, but make a higher quality lens. The switch would give the iPhone an advantage over existing all-plastic lens formulations.

The leaker continues to list several impressive lens upgrades for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but with varying levels of confidence in each, ultimately saying that the final configuration may be a little less ambitious.

“Here’s what I know for the next iP16U / PM. triple hybrid lens 2G6P { with AAC } Same main aperture & 0.5± bump thicker 2G5P { with Sunny } UW up to F/2 still under review & patent application 1G5P { by Sunny } Periscope up to F/3”

Here, iP16U / PM refers to the future iPhone 16 Ultra / Pro Max release that incorporates three hybrid lenses into the rear camera. The main lens has eight elements – two glass and six plastic – and a slightly thicker camera bump. The Ultrawide lens is predicted to include two glass and five plastic elements with an f/2 aperture (up from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s f/2.2 aperture). The leaker expects the telephoto lens to have a single-lens glass and five plastic elements with an f/3 aperture.

However, there are still doubts about the formulation of the 2G6P main lens (which the leaker considers could be kept exclusive to Xiaomi products and possibly subject to “mass production issues.”) In addition, it is noted that the 2G5P ultrawide lens is still being tested and “not guaranteed.” Of the three upgrades mentioned, the 1G5P telephoto lens is considered to have the highest chance of making it into the 2024 iPhone flagship.

The leaker then notes that we could have a 1G7P wide lens instead, in line with the Digital Chat Station prediction, as well as a 7P for the Ultrawide and a 1G5P for the telephoto.

RGcloudS, however, is skeptical of Digital Chat Station’s “super telephoto” reveal, claiming that Apple will stick with a more modest 4-9x variable zoom module from LG Innotek. Either way, we could be looking at significantly improved camera quality on the iPhone 16 Pro Max, regardless of how “superior” the telephoto lens might be.

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