June 17, 2024

Pokemon Fans Come Up With Genius Idea for Pokemon Legends: Mew Game


  • A Pokemon fan created a concept for a Pokemon Legends: Mew game, taking inspiration from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and shared it on social media.
  • The fan idea centers around Mew and involves a feudal era version of the Kanto region, with new regional forms for Chesnaught, Blaziken, and Blastoise.
  • The main arc of the game would be a faction-based conflict led by characters like Giovanni and Lance, with a witch like Sabrina as the surprise villain. The final boss would be a horrible version of Mewtwo.

A Pokémon fans took inspiration from Pokemon Legends: Arceus and they created their concept a Pokémon Legends: Mew game. The IS Pokémon fans then took his idea to social media and posted a video that went into detail about some potential plot points and shared their thoughts on some new Pokemon forms.

The focus is the Pokémon The fan idea revolves around Mew, the only Mythical Pokemon from the first generation. Known as the New Species Pokémon, Mew can learn almost every Pokémon move and has a total base stat of 600, making it quite versatile in battle. But, players who want to add Mew Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Will use Home Pokemon and transfer over Mew obtained from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Despite being a Mythical Pokémon, Mew was never the focus of the front cover of the main line Pokémon games, but one fan tried to change that.

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A TikTok user named pen_paladin shared theirs Pokémon Legends: Mew game idea in video. Just as Hisui was the site of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, pen_paladin’s game would send players back in time to a feudal era version of the Kanto region. The player would be accompanied by Chespin, Torchic, or Squirtle, and the Tiny Turtle Pokémon was the only starter Pokémon native to the Kanto region. Feudal Kanto would also see new regional forms for Chesnaught, Blaziken, and Blastoise, each based on traditional Japanese martial arts, judo, karate, and sumo wrestling respectively. The main arc of it Pokémon Legends: Mew and Feudal Kanto would be a faction-based conflict led by characters like Giovanni and Lance, both of whom would have regional versions of Persian and Dragonite as their main Pokémon respectively.

Just like Volo was the surprise villain Pokémon Legends: Arceus, pen_paladin chose a witch like Gym Leader Sabrina to fill that role. This witch would use dark magic to split Mew’s spirit in half, with a monstrous version of Mewtwo acting as the ultimate leader of Pokémon Legends: Mew. If this happened in any official game, it would be one of the darkest Pokémon Recently remembered games. In the comments, Pokémon Fans remained divided on the idea of ​​a return to Kanto, but some remained inspired by pen_paladin’s idea for a Mew-focused game.

The thought Pokémon regions set in different time periods are still a strong point of fan speculation, with some fans hoping to Pokemon legends game based in regions like Unova. It remains to be seen what The Pokemon Company will do in the future.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus now available for Nintendo Switch.

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