February 26, 2024

New Pokemon Sleep Game Tracks For Sleeping, Farting, Snoring

Have you ever thought about the kinds of noises you make while you sleep? Well, here’s a fart. The IS Pokemon Sleep An app just released in the US not only tries to track the duration and quality of sleep, it can also track and record the various sounds you make. Blame it on the alert, you probably don’t quite sound like Louis Armstrong singing “What a Wonderful World” while you sleep because “release” is one of the words that works when you’re not awake.

This is how Pokemon Sleep works. When you are about to go to sleep, you can put your smartphone face down under your pillow or next to it. If you’re not crazy about swimming your head in your smartphone’s electromagnetic fields all night, you can buy a single peripheral – a little pokéball – from the Pokémon Company. This edge is called Pokémon Go Plus+. The plus sign is there because Pokémon Go Plus already exists. When you’re ready to sleep, you can press the button on the app or the Pokémon Go Plus+ to do it and then press the button again when you’re ready to stop tracking the app and get out of bed.

This is a game that you can literally play in your sleep. You can accumulate points while you sleep not by collecting sleeping characters but simply based on your dozing like how close you sleep to eight and a half hours a night. The next morning – assuming you’re not a vampire and you sleep at night rather than during the day – the app will provide you with various stats, such as the length of your sleep, the time you fell asleep, the time you spent snoring, the time you woke up and other measurements.

Not surprisingly, people on reddit already talking about game cheats, which happens soon after any new game is released. Changing the date and time on your phone can make it seem like you’re getting more sleep than you really are – because who wants a good night’s sleep anyway, right? As you can imagine that kind of defeats the entire stated purpose of the game – to help you catch more ZZZZs, which isn’t a Pokemon character but a different way of saying more than 90 minutes of sleep at a time.

When you get ZZZZs during the night, you earn “Drowsy Power.” This allows you to meet a variety of adorable Pokémon in your campsite, add to your Pokédex, and feed the Snorlax during the day. And therefore your sleeping habits are gamified.

The app can also offer you audio recordings so you can find the sounds you made while you were sleeping. These recordings can be saved and shared, in case you want to send something significant to someone else on his or her birthday. Some Pokemon Sleep users decided to broadcast those recordings on social media – so the kind of stuff you want to hear from random people. For example, @TheDarkMesh got on the horn, so to speak, and posted the following:

That’s not to say that someone didn’t want to play the trumpet piece to The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love.” It was probably a lie—you know that thing you claim you don’t.

Of course, not all farts are created equal. It’s common to hear some gas changes that let you know where. Other Pokemon Sleep The user offered this all-too-common recording:

As you can see from the response to the original tweet toot – or maybe twoot – you can choose to disable this recording feature. It’s not like the app says, “You’re going to listen to what I’m going to post all night.”

Listen to yourself sleep can provide useful information. For example, understanding your breathing patterns and snoring can alert you to issues like sleep apnea, which is when your breathing basically stops during sleep. This could be the result of your upper airway being blocked or your brain not sending the signals necessary to breathe. Not only can sleep apnea reduce the quality of your sleep, making you more tired during the day, it can have serious long-term health consequences.

Knowing how often and how loud you are is probably less useful. There are some things you can do if you are leaving your bed and whoever else is in it is quick enough to talk. You could try swallowing less air when you eat, not chewing gum, avoid producing or filling gas such as carbonated drinks and beans, and get more physical activity. The recordings may also help to explain some things, for example why your partner insists on not sleeping with you.

Keep in mind that neither Pokemon Sleep nor should any other app that has not been officially medically tested replace a formal sleep study conducted by a legitimate medical professional. Without published, peer-reviewed scientific studies, it’s hard to tell if a particular app is accurately tracking what it’s supposed to track. However, you can probably tell the accuracy of some of the measurements. For example, you probably know when you went to sleep and when you got out of bed. And those unspeakable sounds on the recordings are probably really coming from you, assuming you’re not sleeping on something like a whoopee pillow or someone snuck into your bed to fart in the middle of the night.

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