June 15, 2024

Wild Overwatch 2 Match has 4 Ramattras at the same time


  • The game Overwatch 2 showed the funny situation of having four Ramattras on the map at the same time, thanks to Echo’s end game.
  • Ramattra is a new tank hero introduced in Overwatch 2 and is part of the omnic terrorist group Null Sector. His ultimate Annihilation creates a dangerous zone of damage, and his vocal lines are memorable.
  • Fans enjoyed Ramattra’s humorous banter, mocking the suffering on both sides of the battle and praising Ramattra’s powerful outfit and durability, making him a great choice for Echo’s endgame.

By combining dual mirror matching with Echo’s ultimate, some Overwatch 2 players had four Ramattras on the map at the same time. This hilarious play showed just how extreme multiple Ramattras can be at once, and played into one of the funniest memes around the newest tanks in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra is a relatively new character Overwatch 2. The first character introduced next was the leader of the omnic terrorist group Null Sector Overwatch 2is launched, and is the latest tank hero he has released at the moment.

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Redditor and Overwatch 2 Zeukiiii fans share a video of a game replay featuring Ramattra in a big way. Both teams had Ramattra as their tank, and echo as one of their two DPS heroes. In the short clip, the two Ramattras activated their Annihilation ultimate for an epic Overwatch 2 duel. Both Echos then used their Duplicate ultimates to become Ramattra as well, filling the battlefield with four versions of the tank hero for a brief moment.

Annihilation creates a dangerous zone where all nearby enemies take damage while standing near Ramattra, so the entire battlefield quickly turned into a death trap for both teams. Echo’s Duplicate allows her to use her target’s last head if she chops it fast enough. Unfortunately, the teamfight ended before the bonus Ramattras could use Annihilation, otherwise​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fans got a kick out of this funny Ramattra prank. They joked about how much both sides of the battle truly suffered as he had – a reference to Ramattra’s vocal line when he acts out his final part in Overwatch 2. Another said that these players were essentially making “mystery heroes with extra steps,” as the roulette game mode often sets up mirror games like this. One gaming-oriented fan actually pointed out that Ramattra’s powerful gear and survival tools are a great choice for Echo’s endgame.

Although many heroes i Overwatch 2 with some iconic lines, Ramattra’s amazing voice acting and intense delivery is memorable. Overwatch 2 He even got in on the fun for April Fools’ Day, when he turned his Annihilation activation line into a full-blown villain monologue that was often bigger than the ending itself. Overwatch 2 A new solar-themed support hero is slated to be revealed in a few weeks for Season 6, but fans can probably expect a new tank hero sometime next year. Two Overwatch 2 he takes this opportunity to bring a bomb personality like Mauga into the game, maybe his voice lines will be as memorable as Ramattra’s.

Overwatch 2 available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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