June 24, 2024

Pokemon GO Streamer Harassment And Live on Twitch


  • Pokemon GO streamer j0beats was harassed while live on Twitch, with a man trying to kiss her during the stream.
  • j0beats reported the incident to the police.
  • This is not the first case of harassment towards Pokemon GO streamers.

A Pokemon Go A streamer was harassed while she was live on Twitch. She is known for English content creator j0beats Pokemon Go and IRL streams, where many of her viewers follow her exploring nearby areas while hunting Pok√©mon. The game recently unveiled a new Routes feature that documents players’ walking routes.

First released in 2016, Pokemon Go It is a mobile AR game that allows players to feel like a Pokemon Trainer as they search and catch Pokemon wherever they go. It remains one of the most successful mobile games in the world despite Niantic receiving backlash for the controversial Remote Raid update. Pokemon Go also the game of choice for many content creators and they put their viewers on an adventure while looking for Pokemon. Sometimes, they even have interesting encounters with people, both wholesome and disturbing.

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Unfortunately for j0beats, she experienced the latter as a guy tried to kiss her while she was streaming Pokemon Go on Twitch. In a clip she shared on Twitter, she was seen talking to two men, one of whom leaned in as she closed her eyes. The men left immediately after the incident, leaving the stripper unharmed, but she said she “didn’t appreciate” what happened. She later tweeted that she had already reported the incident to the police, and thanked the people who showed their concern and support after witnessing the harassment during her stream. She also said she had a panic alarm, but was unable to use it because she was “more embarrassed than anything at the time.”

In the answers, many followers and others Pokemon Go streamers continued to send their love and support to j0beats. One person said that such disgusting behavior was unacceptable on and off camera, which j0beats agreed with and noted that some people seemed to think it was okay to harass people because they were on camera. This was not the first time either Pokemon Go streamer was harassed while live when Summit1g was swatted while playing on a public field.

Some viewers harass Twitch streamers by stalking them or even sending disturbing gifts. That’s why streamers, especially those who make content IRL, should be very careful and make sure they don’t give out any personal information to protect themselves. It could also help if they had self-defense tools like the j0beats panic alarm in case of an emergency.

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