February 21, 2024

Tarek El Moussa shows ‘Transformation’ and Muscles as he reflects on health changes

Tarek El Moussa is celebrating – and showing off – his hard work.

“The Flipping El Moussas” star shared before and after photos after changing his habits and improving his “mental and physical state.” The first photo in El Moussa’s “Thursday Transformation” post shows off his biceps, while the second is a paparazzi picture of him and his wife Heather Rae El Moussa.

“Swipe for a photo of me from 2 years ago – Yes, this was a photo taken by the paparazzi lol but the reason I’m sharing it is because it shows me coming out of yoga class with my wife and it’s PROOF that sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but what you really need is a referral to see growth,” the HGTV star began her post on July 20. “In that photo I was doing hot yoga, I wasn’t really on any kind of schedule, I wasn’t tracking my protein intake, and I didn’t really have any guidance.”

The HGTV star showing off his bulging biceps.

El Moussa continued that he is now “up early every AM to train” and has a solid routine thanks to nutritionist Sean Torbati.

“I’m taking the right supplements, eating the right food & doing hot yoga 1-2 times a week which is so good for my mental and physical state,” the reality star wrote, adding, “It all comes down to motivation and perseverance.”

There is also a third photo in his Instagram post that shows him flexing his muscles while at the gym.

The reality star shared a glimpse of his hard work over the past two years.
The reality star shared a glimpse of his hard work over the past two years.@therealtarekelmoussa via Instagram

“How bad do you want to feel good?? When I realized how badly I wanted to feel good and be healthy – for myself, my wife, my children, and my longevity – the second I put my head down and went to work!!” he finished, before asking two questions. “What about you?? Who’s with me??!” El Moussa – who is a father of three – also shared the photos on his Instagram story, adding that he truly believes “to be the BEST you have to commit to that every day and that with everything – Your work, your relationship, your health, etc.”

In the comments section of his post, his wife showed him some love, adding a bunch of fire emojis and writing, “Hardest working man. We love you (kissy face emoji) daddy bear,” and a bear emoji.

El Moussa has been making changes to his health for years. In 2013, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and later was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

“It’s pretty hard to get thyroid cancer, and then a few weeks later when I found out I had testicular cancer, I literally thought I was going to die,” he told TODAY in 2017. Both cancers are in remission, he said.

In 2021, he was diagnosed with celiac disease and opened up to TODAY about making changes to his diet.

“I’ve cleaned up my whole life, to be honest,” El Moussa said. “Before I met Heather, I had high blood pressure, high heart rate, high cholesterol and just a lot of problems. I just decided to really work on my health and focused on hot yoga… As well as cleaning up my diet. Now my blood work is completely different.”

At the time, he also mentioned how beneficial “just a little bit of work can be for the body”.

“It shows you that you can come back from anything. A few years ago, I was 60 pounds overweight, fighting two cancers, and you know, today I’m healthy,” he said.

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