June 17, 2024

This Man Runs ‘Petflix’ YouTube Channel To Help Dogs And Cats Relax

  • An LA-based group has acquired a company that creates music to help dogs and cats relax.
  • Music For Pets is run by RelaxMyDog and ReleaxMyCat and was bought by Create Music Group in June.
  • UK co-founder of Music For Pets, Amman Ahmed, says he spent hardly anything on marketing.

Pet owners care deeply about their furry friends and want them to be happy. Believe it or not, millions even take to YouTube channels to play music aimed at relaxing their dogs and cats.

Music For Pets was founded in the UK more than five years ago and now has an estimated 14.5 million hours of content consumed per month. And now the company has been acquired by a music distribution and rights company in the United States.

Co-founder Amman Ahmed Ahmed had read studies about the connection between animal anxiety and music and came up with the idea of ​​starting a YouTube channel for pets in 2017.

He looked online for content producers and found Ricardo Henriquez who was based in El Salvador. He charged just $50 for his first composition and co-founded Music For Pets.

After a VC-backed project focused on music for study failed, Ahmed turned all his attention to pets. Henriquez, meanwhile, was inspired by his own dog’s struggle with a loud noise in El Salvador.

After some trial and error, they came up with a formula for music and imagery that owners say helps their pets relax.

In the time Ahmed and Henriquez have worked together, they have yet to meet face to face but plan to do so in Guatemala next year. Technology has allowed them to grow their audience into the millions.

Ahmed YouTube channels, RelaxMyDog and Relax MyCat, have become very popular, with 1.5 million and 800,000 subscribers respectively. According to the profile page, RelaxMyDog offers music and TV that can help any breed with “a variety of problems including separation anxiety, sleep problems, loneliness, boredom and depression.”

The content is also available on Spotify and “Petflix,” as some fans call it, now garners about 20 million monthly users.

About 60% of the “listeners” are dogs. “Cats are harder, dogs are easier,” Ahmed tells Insider definitively.

Word of mouth

Running a bare-bones operation with little overhead, Ahmed says he has focused on listener satisfaction to maintain and grow his user base. He would call pet owners who enjoyed his ways to get more specific feedback about what they liked.

Ahmed says he has only spent $5,000 on marketing over the years, preferring word of mouth and search engine optimization. This means that the income generated from the channels is much higher than the costs.

“Because we grew through word of mouth, everyone tells six to seven others but with real passion,” he told Insider.


Ahmed says he was surprised by the popularity of Music For Pets, but his ultimate validation came when music companies started knocking on the door.

The company is now owned by Create Music Group after what Ahmed described as a couple of competitive offers. Citing confidentiality clauses, he would not disclose the sale price.

Create plans to pump $10 million into the venture, per a press release.

“Amman and Ricardo have touched a huge music and entertainment audience, our family pets,” said Create founder and CEO Jonathan Strauss.

“This market is huge and there’s a reason Amman and Ricardo’s company was nicknamed ‘Petflix’.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed plans to stay with Create to help expand the venture.

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