June 24, 2024

Warriors’ Steph Curry says he has a ‘complicated’ relationship with Lakers’ LeBron James

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry sat down for an interview with him Sports Illustrated Friday and gave a rare insight into his relationship with longtime rival and friend, LeBron James. Curry explained that his relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers legend is “complicated” due to their age difference and years of playing against each other.

“It’s complicated,” Curry said. “Because you go from playing in the tournament and him coming to watch, to me coming in as a young rookie in the league and him giving me advice on how to get through some of the early struggles that I was going through as a player, to the four Finals appearances in a row, playing against each other, even last year playing in the playoffs again. He’s a great man, a husband, and he’s a great friend, he’s a great comeback.”

James and Curry were born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio, just under four years apart, and their paths crossed on many occasions many decades ago. As Curry noted, the relationship began as a mentorship. As a rookie, Curry would even hang out at James’ house and watch Family Guy.

But as Curry emerged as an MVP and one of the biggest stars in the world, their relationship became a little more strained. Curry’s Warriors and James’ Cavaliers met in the Finals four times in a row, from 2015-18, with Golden State winning three titles over Cleveland’s.

At the Halloween party James hosted in 2016, after the Cavaliers’ 3-1 comeback in the Finals earlier that year, there were cookies. with Curry and Klay Thompson’s names on gravestones and Dummy Curry was reportedly on the floor that guests had to step over to enter. Curry declined to comment. In the final seconds of Game 1 of the 2018 Finals, James blocked Curry’s layup and the two exchanged words. During the 2019 podcastBill Simmons and Brian Windhorst noted that the Curry-James rivalry is “real.”

But when James moved to the Lakers, and the two were no longer competing for titles against each other, they became friendly again. They played together in the 2021 All-Star Game, praised each other in the media and noted their longstanding mutual respect. It is also worth noting that James Curry in particular defended from then-President Donald Trump on Twitter in 2017.

James and Curry have defined basketball for decades, and as long as they both play there will be a competitive side to their relationship. But at the basic level, there will always be respect and admiration for what the other has achieved.

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