June 17, 2024

Tears of the Kingdom Fan takes a Ridiculously Long Plane


  • Tears of the Kingdom players are pushing the game’s construction mechanics to the limit, with one creating a ridiculously long aircraft that requires an external power source due to its size.
  • Key to this design is the use of guardrails from the game’s Construction Factory, with 16 guardrails forming the body of the plane and two acting as wings.
  • The unique physical properties of the guard rail, which is the lightest in the game, allow the massive vehicle to take off despite wobbling, and an external battery keeps the single propeller engine running for a long time.

Any adventurer Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm the player pushed the game’s building mechanics to their limits by engineering an over-the-top aircraft that is so massive it cannot be driven using traditional means. They later took to social media to share their achievement, having done so shortly after Tears of the Kingdom player taken a Mandalay-inspired starfighter.

The utility value of the force of aircraft made flying machinery among the most common types of contraptions Tears of the Kingdom The fans have been building the game since the beginning of mid-May. And while some players have so far focused on optimizing their builds by making them as simple and energy efficient as possible, others have chosen to experiment with unusual designs such as Tears of the Kingdom King Gleeok mechs.

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The latest such engineering feat came in the form of a ridiculously long airplane created by Reddit user PokeyTradrrr. Their contraption incorporates 16 guard rails found in Tears of the Kingdom Build a Factory, 14 of which are used for the body, and the other two serve as wings. The reason why this great funny vehicle can get off the ground even after a lot of wobbling is due to the unique physical properties of the guard rail it contains, which is the lightest object known in the game.

A barely visible but critical feature of this new split design is the Zonai Battery placed near the tail of the plane, just below its single propeller engine. Namely, Tears of the Kingdom puts a hard cap on how far a given Zonai device can be from its energy source, which is usually Link’s battery strap. Since this plane repeatedly exceeds that limit, its single engine requires an external power source, which is why its author has equipped an additional battery.

Although the vehicle cannot rely on Link’s energy cell reserves, its singular propeller is not particularly power-hungry, allowing this ridiculously long plane to stay flying for quite a long time. PokeyTradrrr has also created another version of this contraption that uses two Zonai Fans instead of propellers and is short enough to operate without external batteries, but sacrifices mobility due to its lack of wings and horizontal momentum.

Planes that are ridiculously long are far from the only defensive rail implementation that the fandom is up to date. Not long after the part was discovered, another player managed to use this unique component to improve it Tears of the Kingdom classic hoverike design. The latest update to the game coincided with the discovery of the guard rail, so there’s a chance that Nintendo will iron out its unique properties in the future.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm available on Nintendo Switch.

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