June 24, 2024

A Look Inside the Starter Set of Dreams And Machines

Post-apocalyptic stories have been popular for some time now. Whether you are talking about zombies The walking deadroad warriors battles of Mad max fury road or even the ongoing apocalypse Game Cyberpunk 2077, people seem to have the end of the world on their minds. But perhaps the fall of civilization is not yet the end of humanity’s story.

Dreams And Machines, a new role-playing game site from Modiphius Entertainment, takes a look at a world that has lived for its own ends. There are still plenty of adventures to be had, whether exploring the ruined cities of the ancient world, trading strange technologies

Oh, did I mention the giant sleeping robots scattered everywhere?

Welcome to Evera Prime

The game takes place on Evera Prime, a human colony world that was isolated from Earth hundreds of years ago. The lack of contact with the homeworld caused great damage to the computer that ran the colony, called The Builder to declare war on the previous charges. The war destroyed the colony and, hundreds of years later, its scars are still visible on the planet.

The survivors have since grown into several different factions. Archivists, for example, seek to preserve history and technology in order to separate factual history from growing legends. The Dreamers, on the other hand, have managed to escape technology and seek to learn more about their new home planet in a natural way.

The biggest threat on the horizon is the Wakers; giant war machines that can come to life and continue the war that almost ended the life of the planet. Some people want to wake up the Builder and trade their safety for his rule. A few even see these machines as new mechanical gods to worship.

Dreams And Machines Starter Series

Dreams And Machines Starter Series it leads players into this strange new world. It offers character customization, a tutorial adventure that takes players through the basic mechanics and finally a larger adventure series that explores the themes of the game. These handful of sessions should tide people over until the main books come down the line, though there are story hooks in the box for further exploration.

The game is powered by 2d20 which became Modiphius’ house engine for everything from Achung Cthulhu to Game Star Trek Adventures. This version has been streamlined while still offering the ability to affect the world by telling Truths, small factual statements that can change the difficulty of the rolls. Besides pre-generated characters, players build characters from decks of cards with character abilities on them.

Since my players were already familiar with the system, I chose to skip the tutorial and drop them in New Mossgrove, the central adventure hub in the boxing set. They explored the locations, met some of the locals and heard about some areas where they could help.

But before they could choose a mission, one of the giant Wakers attacked. I really enjoyed the tactical combat because it still allowed the players to create and improvise while feeling like it was a challenge to stop a big scary robot. They had to, because there was no good end to fighting to grind out a battle against the Waker.

In the end, they stopped the giant robot but not before it destroyed part of the town and put some of their favorite NPCs down for the count. We really enjoyed our time with the game and, once the full rules are laid out, we’ll be looking forward to going back to see if we can rebuild New Mossgrove (and find out who sent that Waker to stomp around town).

The IS Dreams And Machines Starter Series is currently available for pre-order and general release is expected at Gen Con 2023 the first weekend of August 2023. Additionally, free quick start, available for fans who don’t want to wait, or want to add more adventures to the Starter Set.

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