June 17, 2024

Exoprimal will get a new end-game PvE mode next week aimed at “veteran players”

Capcom after describing a whole bunch of things that are coming Exopprimalwith a new mode coming into the game next week.

As divided in post update on Steam, July 28 will see the arrival of a new PvE mode called Savage Gauntlet. This new mode is separate from Dino Survival, which is “designed to put 5-person veteran Exofighter teams to the test in special rotating weekly missions.” The focus is really on you and your teammates taking down dinosaurs, without worrying about any Exofighters or bosses. Although you can play it just for fun, there are leaderboards, so you can also make it a bit competitive if you want. It should be noted that this will be an “endgame experience with a difficulty that reflects that,” and you will only unlock it after beating the game’s story.

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The post also shared a roadmap for the three upcoming title updates, as well as the two collaborations, with the first update arriving on August 16. This first update will add 10 new Alpha Variable exosuits, one for each of the existing suits. Each has “new playstyles, weapons, abilities and looks,” so you can mix up your strategy a bit when they drop.

Both the new mode and the first title update are part of the first season of the game, but the roadmap also teased the next few seasons. As part of season two, the second title update will drop including a new map called Ocean Platform, as well as new rigs, modules, and a new final mission. The Street Fighter 6 collaboration will also drop sometime during season two.

In season three, the third update title will fall, adding in beta accents exosuits, and Triceratops Neo. This season will also introduce a second collaboration, this time with Monster Hunter. The roadmap also discussed a fourth season, although it did not reveal anything that could be included.

Exoprimal launched last week, and our own Connor gave it a 3/5 in his review, writing, “Exoprimal will be a surprise router for most players. Making your way through the fifty or so games it takes to get credits, experiencing all the spectacle on display in this curveball of a game, it’s probably worth the cost of entry to a Game Pass user, and others.”

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