June 17, 2024

Margot Robbie’s Barbie Meets Ryan Reynolds Deadpool In Fan Art

Barbie Fanart put together the Margot Robbie meta movie and arguably the biggest meta character on the movie screen, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

The IS Barbie A fan-made poster revealed the two of them working in Barbie’s trademark car, and while she’s making a show of herself, the Merc with the Mouth is hilariously covered. This suits his character, knowing how well Deadpool likes to defy expectations as the story’s “technical” protagonist.

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The fan poster at Rahal Arts features Robbie’s Barbie and Deadpool together in what would be quite a meta-collaboration between the two who know that their films are very much focused on breaking the fourth wall. The caption of the fanart reads, “She’s everything. It’s just Deadpool,” indicating that despite being a collaboration, it’s primarily a Barbie movie. While Deadpool has the iconic toy on his shoulder, his hand hilariously covers his face, adding to the humor this fan poster would be looking for.

Since the Barbie film She announced herself as a live-action interpretation of the famous toy doll who suddenly begins to realize that life is not what she felt it to be, who better to learn that than Deadpool, one of the first comic book characters to call out and satirize tropes from the world he comes from? At first glance, it seems like an unorthodox pairing Barbie He was never able to break the fourth wall, but knowing where the film intends to go, Deadpool would be the perfect partner to help her understand that real life is not as happy as she is.

While both film franchises will rely on meta-comedy, BarbieThe fourth wall break is a commentary on the difference between the real world and the superficial world of Barbie that fans have always seen in advertisements. On the other hand, Deadpool which was an original take on the protagonist. Rather than being a straight moral protagonist, he was a killer at heart, though he only learned to direct his killing ways towards those who deserved it. So, Deadpool is the twist on the classic superhero archetype. In 2016, it was a new topic.

Meta comics are more prominent in the media, especially after the first one is released Deadpool film, to the point where the audience might get sick of this. Meta humor can be funny, but only when done right. Some franchises have used the breaking of the fourth wall to enhance the comedy, while others have used that comedic art form as something more than ever. If there’s one franchise that could benefit from breaking the fourth wall in a movie, it’s Barbie.

Barbie now playing in theaters.

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Source: Rahal Arts/Twitter

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