June 24, 2024

4 Florida Men Convicted of Selling Bleach Treatment

Heard of Miami Beach? Well, this was a Miami bleach case. And a federal jury in Miami took about 30 minutes on July 19 to “predict” a conclusion to convict four Florida men of selling Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). according to Jay Weaver reporting for the Miami Herald. They claimed that MMS – which can be a bleach – can cure 95% of the world’s known illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, leukemia, and Covid-19. That’s despite the lack of evidence to support such claims unless the goal is to poison yourself with bleach so you don’t have to worry about other diseases.

These four Florida men were actually related to 65-year-old Mark Grenon as the father of 37-year-old Jonathan, 35-year-old Joseph and 29-year-old Jordan Grenon. They had sold about a million dollars worth of MMS through the Genesis II Church of Health and Medicine website. The Greeks had referred to themselves as “bishops,” who called themselves “sacraments” on MMS and urged people to volunteer to the Church for the “sacraments,” according to prosecutors during the trial. But just because you call yourself a Church, doesn’t mean you really are a Church.

This is in 2016 ABC news report which reflected some of these “Church” claims:

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public warning about MMS in August 2019, which I covered for Forbes at the time. The FDA described MMS as 28% sodium chlorite mixed in distilled water. If you were to follow the instructions and mix this with citric acid such as lemon or lime juice, guess what the result would be. It’s not lemonade but chlorine dioxide, which is a “powerful bleaching agent” in the words of the FDA. The FDA also stated that it had “received numerous reports that these products, sold online as ‘treatments’, have made consumers sick.” These have included reports of severe vomiting, severe diarrhea, life-threatening low blood pressure due to dehydration, and acute liver failure.

The FDA helps shut down this fake church operation for “bleach” boys the following year. That year after a federal court banned the Greeks from selling MMS, Ryan Ballogg reported for the Bradenton Herald on May 7, 2020, the elder Grenon had said he wrote then-President Donald Trump about MMS. Gee why would anyone write Trump about putting bleach in the body?

It was unclear what that letter to Trump might have accomplished. Or if Trump even read the letter, assuming it was sent. Eventually, law enforcement and the justice system forced the family to come clean with this MMS operation. The father and one of the sons, Joseph, had left the country and therefore had to be extradited from Colombia. The extradition negotiations meant that these two could not be charged with contempt for not ceasing to sell MMS in 2020. The 12-person jury in the Miami trial found the other two sons guilty of contempt, however. This means that these two sons—Jonathan and Gordon—may have to spend life in prison. The jury found the four defendants guilty of conspiracy to defraud the US government and FDA, which could carry up to five years in prison for each of them.

Although the four defendants chose to represent themselves during the trial, they did not say much until after the decision. This is how Joseph Grenon responded, “We will appeal.”

You know what is not attractive? Making unfounded health claims about a product, especially when the product may be dangerous. The Genesis website said things like “Don’t be afraid of this coronavirus. Fear the Vaccine and medicine!” And in a video, Mark Grenon claimed about MMS, “We are trying to create a world without disease. It has been proven to be extremely effective in curing cancer.”

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, there is no shortage of people in society making false claims about so-called treatments in attempts to make money. There are a lot of dirty businesses out there, including ones that try to get you to drink bleach.

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