April 18, 2024

Overwatch 2 Player Makes a Nostalgic Discovery After Deleting the Game


  • Overwatch 2 has faced backlash for its changes and struggles to maintain the same level of excitement as before.
  • Fans accidentally deleted Overwatch 2 and were greeted by the nostalgic opening video from the first Overwatch when it opened the game.
  • The original Overwatch is fondly remembered by many fans as something special compared to its sequel.

One fan of it Overwatch 2 felt a bit nostalgic after opening the game for the first time after accidentally deleting it and being greeted by an intro video the first time Overwatch. Clip from the original Overwatch It is instantly recognizable to many fans of the series and helped set the tone for what Blizzard wanted to accomplish with its modern hero shooter.

Released in late 2022 and a remake of the original game in the process, Overwatch 2 it was a controversial title from the start. Although some fans of the series were happy to see colorful characters and fast-paced combat Overwatch to get a sequel, the move to five five-out-of-five games and a free-to-play model immediately resulted in pushback from many players. Although Blizzard has continuously updated the game since its release to fix bugs, add new characters and features, and address balance issues, Overwatch 2 it struggled to maintain the same level of player excitement as before. This is reflected in the game’s profits, with Activision Blizzard’s Q2 2023 earnings release revealing that Overwatch 2The number of players has decreased along with “player investment.”

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even though Overwatch 2 continues to be a point of frustration for some fans of the franchise, a recent Reddit post shows that players still have a lot of love for the first Overwatch. In a new post on r/Overwatch, Redditor yosukemybeloved explained how they were accidentally deleted Overwatch 2 from their Playstation 4, only to give them a nostalgic surprise the next time they opened the game. Since they were still on the disc for the original Overwatch entered the PS4, they were greeted with the “Are You With Us?” a cinematic teaser that played before the first game.

One of many Overwatch animated shorts released prior to the game’s launch in 2016, Winston’s lore dump was a familiar sight for Overwatch players. Feeling nostalgic seeing the clip again, a Redditor joked that he was “regretting all the time I forgot about Winston.” Other responses shared their affection for the original game compared to its free-to-play follow-up, with one popular response commenting on the first game Overwatch that “It felt…expressive in a way? Mystic, perhaps.” The general consensus among many of those who responded to yosukemybeloved’s post seemed to be that the original Overwatch that was really something special.

For players frustrated with the many changes that Overwatch 2With the advent of Blizzard’s shooter series, this clip should be a good reminder of days gone by. And while players can no longer jump into the original game, at least the Overwatch 2 Anime follows the storytelling tradition of early humans Overwatch broken short.

Overwatch 2 now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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