April 24, 2024

Paramount Plus dropped its big Star Trek crossover episode early

There may not be any big cast or casting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Paramount Plus found one way to surprise fans. It’s coming out in the next episode of it Star Trek: A Strange New World five days early. This episode also happens to be the highly anticipated crossover episode featuring the live-action version of some of the teams Star Trek: Lower Decks. Having already seen this episode, I can confirm that this is all just as delightful as it sounds.

With the activists on strike, CCCT is much more muted than in previous years. There aren’t as many star panels and zero big casting announcements. This meant that studios have to rely on something other than the actors’ work to promote their shows, and Paramount Plus decided on this surprise drop.

Episode 7, “Na Sean-Eolaithe Sin,” is currently available and manages to bring the characters of Conradh na Gaeilge Lower Decka very frenetic animated show, into the more traditional world of Star Trek A Strange New Life extremely good. Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome move seamlessly between the two mediums, and a lot of their outrageousness is easily explained because, you know, they’re from the future. There are only stranger things in the future.

The characters of A Strange New Life struggle with the energy of the Lower Deck characters, but the actors who play them develop an easy rhythm that really helps to bridge the two very different shows. Even when it’s really goofy, it all feels similar A Strange New Lifenot like a weird and forced crossover.

That surprised me when I looked inside. I’ve been tentatively excited about this episode ever since they announced it last year at CCCT. I was curious how they would pull it off. One show is about a group of extraordinary heroes who travel the stars and save the universe. The other is often a raunchy comedy about keeping the people on the ship running while the heroes are out fighting. It could be disastrous to include those two tones together, but A Strange New Life He’s always been good at jumping from genre to genre and tackling slight tonal shifts with aplomb.

Also, it just so happens that when you put really good and really committed actors on a sound stage together, they can work some magic.

With episode 7 now airing today, the rest of the rest of the season will be airing a little earlier than expected. A Strange New Life Episode 8 will be broadcast this Thursday, July 27. Episode 9, the music program, will be broadcast the following Thursday, and episode 10, the end of the season, will be broadcast on 10 August.

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