April 20, 2024

Unfair Penny About ‘Dangerous’ MAGA Voters Leaves CNN Anchor Dana Bash Stunned

Former President Donald Trump warned on a conservative radio talk show last week that it would be “very dangerous” if he went to jail over the January 6 uprising, as his supporters are a “passionate group of voters.”

But his former vice president, Mike Pence, who turned a large group of passionate Trump voters out of his blood two years ago, does not seem to be worried.

“Everyone in our movement is the kind of Americans who love this country, who are patriots or law and order people who would never do something like that there or anywhere else,” Pence told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday. State of the Union. “I have more faith in the American people than that. I can hear the frustration of my former players in his voice, but I am sure that the American people in our movement will respond in a way that will express, as they have every right under the First Amendment, to express their concern about what they believe to be unfair treatment of the law. But I’m not worried about it beyond that.”

Apparently, the terse response left Bash flabbergasted, prompting her to note why someone like Pence should be concerned.

“It’s amazing you’re not worried about it, considering they wanted to hang you on January 6th,” she said through a laugh before trying to move on.

But Pence would not allow that, refusing to allow CNN to “use a broad brush” to classify everyone at the Capitol on January 6 as perpetrators of violence.

“The people in this movement, the people who were behind our cause in 2016 and 2020, are the most patriotic, God-fearing, law-abiding people in this country,” he said. “And I’m not going to stand for those kinds of generalizations because they have no basis in fact.”

But Pence wouldn’t say much about the person being investigated for allegedly helping to perpetuate some of the violence himself: A former commander.

Earlier in the interview, Bash asked Pence whether the Justice Department should charge Trump if it finds evidence that he committed a crime related to the uprising. The former leader, however, would only note that Trump’s actions were inappropriate – though perhaps not criminal.

“I have said many times that the President’s words that day were reckless,” he said. “I had no right to cancel the election. But while his words were reckless, based on what I know, I’m still not convinced they were criminal.”

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