June 24, 2024

Xbox Gamers Want Microsoft to Revive Old School Activision Open World Series and More


  • Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision gives Xbox control over all of the company’s gaming franchises.
  • Xbox fans are hopeful that games like True Crime: Streets of LA, Tony Hawk’s Underground, and Blur will be brought back, through backwards compatibility, remakes, or remasters.
  • Unfortunately, these titles are unlikely to be available on modern platforms in the near future due to licensing issues and Microsoft’s lack of interest in adding more games to the backwards compatibility program.

While a deal still needs to be struck in the UK, Microsoft has almost been successful in acquiring Activision and will therefore gain control of all of the company’s gaming franchises – some Xbox fans want to see it come back. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard ensures that Xbox will not only have control over Activision’s published games in the future, but will also have access to the back catalog of titles the company has made over the years.

Activision is primarily known for its massive first-person shooter franchise Call of duty today, but it was time to release a wider range of games. This includes all kinds of different titles from classic skateboarding games to platformers to open world crime games clearly inspired by Rockstar’s car theft franchise. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision doesn’t necessarily mean the return of these dormant franchises, but it’s at least more likely.

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Specifically, Xbox gamers are named True Crime: The Streets of LA, True Crime: New York Citythe Tony hawk underground game games, and Obscure as older Activision-published titles they’d like to see make a comeback on Xbox Series X. Some fans would like to see these games added to Xbox’s backwards compatibility program, while others would prefer to see them get remakes or remasters. But while it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that Xbox could bring some of these older Activision games back from the dead, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to making this happen is licensing issues that would prevent the games from being sold again. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft has stopped adding games to the Xbox backwards compatibility program, it seems unlikely that these titles will be available on modern platforms anytime soon. Remasters or remakes seem more likely, but Activision seems to have lost interest in reviving the classic Tony Hawk Games after release Pro Skater 1+2 by Tony Hawkwith Tony Hawk himself saying that there are plans for Pro skater 3 game and 4 remakes were destroyed.

That said, Activision itself has expressed interest in Microsoft giving it the ability to bring back some of its abandoned franchises. Two franchises were specifically mentioned: Guitar Hero and Skylanders. There is some evidence to suggest that it is Skylanders it could be coming back, albeit not the toy-to-life gimmick, but fans will have to wait and see what happens on that front.

As far as True crime So, those who are hungry for a similar experience will want to check out the open world crime game 2012 Sleeping Dogs if they haven’t already. Sleeping Dogs actually started out as a True crime sequel before Activision abandoned the project and Square Enix revived it as an original IP, and was well received by fans and critics alike.

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