April 20, 2024

12 Best Cute Dog Leashes in 2023

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A good leash is essential for any hike, but finding a stylish yet functional one can be difficult. When looking for cute dog leashes, there’s a lot to think about beyond patterns and colors. It is also important to find the best dog harnesses to attach a leash for walks and the best dog collars to hold ID tags. The good news is that there are as many leashes that are as adorable as they are useful.

We’ve put together a selection of cute leashes for dogs that are safe and durable, with input from experts Dr. Alejandro Chaosvet for veterinary service at home The Vetsand Dr Kate Andersonveterinarian and clinical assistant professor at the Duffield Institute of Animal Behavior at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. With their insight, we’ve put together a collection of the best leashes. The ones that made our list are sturdy, safe, and of course, cute.

  • Add a pop of color to your walks with this length-adjustable leash in bright lime green.

  • Make your calves stand out with this leash, which comes in different colors and can be worn waist.

  • Add elegance to walks with this leash that comes in several colors and features rose gold hardware.

  • The viral strawberry dress may have made a splash, but this halter will draw more attention to your pups.

  • With walking options like a quick tether and hands free, this leash is as versatile as it is pretty.

  • Show off your harbor pride with this handsome rainbow leash that will add personality to any ride.

  • This leash is perfect for breaking out in the summer and will keep your pups looking sharp no matter the temperature.

  • This retro print leash is a great choice for dog parents who love a good back.

  • This bold colored leash and pouch allows for a pleasant hands-free walking experience.

  • With an extra-long length, this leash is the perfect choice to give your curls a little freedom.

  • Help your pup stand out from the crowd with this friendly dinosaur print collar and leash set.

  • This versatile leash comes in many patterns and lengths to give your dog room to roam.

What to look for in a dog leash

Length: Anderson recommends using a leash that is 4 to 6 feet long. She says this standard size is good for training and regular walks.

Type: We recommend using a standard, flat harness that is non-retractable and does not have a spring. Retractable leashes create tension and pressure that can be dangerous for dogs and their owners, so it’s best to stay away from them, according to Anderson. With spring and bungee leashes, you have less control over your dog. They allow the dog a greater range of motion, which can be dangerous in situations like crossing a road where you need a firm hand on your puppy.

Content: Leashes with a strong material generally good picks. Nylon or rope are options that won’t break easily under tension.


What is the best leash for walking your dog?

While there are many types of leashes, there is no perfect leash that will work for every dog ​​and its owner, says Anderson. It is important to know your dog’s physical size, limitations and potential behavioral issues when choosing a leash. However, Anderson says most owners can trust a standard, flat, 6-foot leash.

Flexible leads — also known as retractable leads — should be avoided because they are a safety hazard. “Those can be very dangerous,” says Anderson. “A flexible lead can be a problem because there is always tension on those types of leashes which puts unnecessary strain on you and your dog.”

Should dogs be on leashes at all times?

Chaos says it’s best to keep dogs on a leash in most cases. Leashes add an extra layer of safety in busy public areas or in parks where wildlife may wander around. “We still have to be very aware of any possible dangers,” he says.

That doesn’t mean your puppy has to be clipped in all the time. Chaos emphasized the importance of reliable training to remind dogs on and off the leash so they can be comfortable and safe. For some pet parents who may be concerned about their dogs off-leash but want to give their pups more freedom, Anderson suggests trying a longitudinal leash. However, you should always check the leash laws in your area before letting your puppy run free.

Are hands free leashes good for dogs?

A hands-free leash is a type of lead that connects to a dog harness and attaches to the walker via a harness or waist band. These types of leashes have become very popular over the past few years, and while they may not be suitable for everyone, Chaos says they are safe to use.

Chaos likes the flexibility of hands-free leashes when walking his dog as they allow greater freedom of movement while still keeping the dog safe. He also mentioned the added safety benefit for the owner. “I like them when I’m jogging or walking in general because it presents both my hands in case I fall, so it’s an extra safety feature for me,” he says.

However, Chaos says these leashes may not be the best choice for walking larger dogs. There is always the possibility that a pup will get off a leash, and large dogs may have the strength to drag their owners behind them.

What is a dog leash without pulling?

Our experts describe a no-pull leash as a training tool that works to stop dogs from pulling. They say there is no perfect product to completely stop a dog from pulling – it’s the best way to go about effective training. But there are a few things to look out for when it comes to a no-pull leash.

Chaos says a soft lead, or the type of leash that loops around the muzzle, can be used to distract a dog on walks. These types of leashes usually connect to a collar. With gentle leashes or any type of leash, it is important to know how they could affect your pups. “One of the things I like to tell my clients is that you need to be aware of your dog’s age and musculoskeletal [system]For some breeds, such as the French bulldog, a smooth lead will not work due to the lack of a pronounced muzzle and one of the best no-pull dog harnesses may be a better choice.

Can you leash train with any type of leash?

Anderson says absolutely. Leash training can be accomplished with any type of leash, although she recommends a standard, flat, 4- to 6-foot leash. Bungee and flex-lead can be problematic and unsafe for various reasons, but they are particularly poor products to use when training a leash because there is constant tension on these types of leashes, says Anderson. A flexible lead is an important part of proper leash training.

Should you use a leash and collar or a leash and harness?

We recommend choosing a harness over a collar to walk your pups. Chaos says a lot can go wrong if a collar is not used improperly. Damage to the neck and spine can result from a collar that puts pressure around a dog’s neck. The risk of choking is also higher.

Harnesses may take longer for your pet to get used to, but Anderson says it’s worth trying to get your dog comfortable in a harness because they can be safer. She notes that owners want to make sure they are finding the right harness for their dogs. The best dog harnesses won’t block the shoulders or be too tight or too loose for your dog.

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