June 17, 2024

The Best MagSafe Wallets for iPhones in 2023

The best MagSafe wallets can securely attach to your iPhone and eliminate the need for a two-sided wallet.

Some of the options on our list include integrated stands or stickers to enhance your experience and diversify the use of the wallet. Others are simple and well-made, prioritizing sleek designs and sophisticated materials to create a pocket-friendly wallet that can be used every day.

Compatible with many of the best iPhones available, the MagSafe wallets on this list from Apple, Otterbox, and other trusted brands offer first-class safety and accessibility, along with a strong MagSafe connection.

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  • Apple’s leather wallet can hold up to three cards and includes integrated Find My support for tracking purposes.

  • Although this wallet can only hold two cards, the silicone pads inside prevent cards from sliding out.

  • Native Union’s plant-based leather MagSafe wallet holds up to three cards and feels tactile and luxurious.

  • The Mujjo wallet has a smooth microfiber interior and a hidden spring that can securely hold one or three cards.

  • Available in six base colors with a variety of fonts to choose from for additional text, this wallet has dual card capacity with RFID protection.

  • This vegan leather wallet includes a piece that can be adapted as a stand or grip, as well as slots for three cards and cash.

  • Perfect for a night out, with two card capacity, this thin wallet’s card slot is easily accessible and finished in a contrasting faux leather colour.

  • The MagSafe wallet from PopSocket has a built-in PopGrip with a shielded magnetic slot that can fit three cards comfortably.

  • The Case-Mate Pelican can carry three cards and cash with closed latches for waterproofing and dust with an IPX4 rating.

  • The Otterbox MagSafe slim synthetic leather wallet has a three-card capacity with separate pockets, and is available in five colors.

  • A magnetic trap door in the wallet and case keeps your cards safe and hidden and easy to access when needed.

  • This cover-style wallet has the highest card capacity on our list by a long shot and maintains a sturdy MagSafe connection.

What to look for in a MagSafe wallet

While there are plenty of individual factors to consider when buying a phone wallet, the strength of the wallet’s magnet should be a critical feature. The official MagSafe connection will usually guarantee a solid magnetic hold, although the material of your phone case or the amount of cards or money you put in the wallet will affect the effectiveness of the magnet.

Some of the wallets on this list are meant for lighter use (for carrying your credit card and driver’s license, for example), so if you overpack it, your wallet might fall off the back of your phone during the day. If you’re concerned about card security, features like RFID protection or a magnetic closure will keep your cards from being swiped or falling out of the wallet.

Overall, you’ll want to compare options based on your intended use. If you only plan to use the MagSafe wallet for a night out, you might opt ​​for a smaller capacity option with RFID protection, but if you’re planning to replace your entire wallet you might be better off with a folio that has full coverage for your cards and a larger storage capacity.

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