June 24, 2024

Should You Stock Up On Shiba Inu NFT? Shiboshis Revolutionary Utilities In The Pipeline

Shiboshis with Shiba Inu


  • Shiboshis are still among the top NFTs on OpenSea, holding the 37th spot out of the top 100 collections
  • Shiboshis could have more utility, which could include a breeding mechanism
  • Shiboshis floor price reportedly fell 87% at 0.30 ETH as of 9:00 pm ET on Sunday

Shibarium, the scalable layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, is expected to launch in August. While some Shib Armies are investing in BONE, the official gas fee token of the upcoming initiative, others are stocking up on Shiboshis, the 10,000 Intangible Tokens (NFTs) generated on the Shiba Inu ecosystem and permanently recorded on the Ethereum blockchain that could see the launch of a revolutionary utility in the pipeline.

Launched in October 2021, the pixelated digital collectibles for the Shiba Inu ecosystem remain among the Best NFTs on the unmixed token market OpenSea, the 37th spot out of the top 100 collections.

This is “thanks to promotional tools like ‘Shiba Eternity,'” Mazrael, the master of the collectible card game (CCG) of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and moderator Shibarium Tech, said International Business Times in an exclusive interview.

In the CCG, Shiboshis are not only represented but also allow players to use certain attribute combinations, master Shiba Eternity said, before adding, “For example, the Leash accessory, on its own, allows access to strong cards or combos and in anticipation of the P2E version of the game… Those are very hard to find on the market now!”

He also mentioned the example and previously shared tournaments showed “best players who play very aggressive decks!” “The last winner came up with a counter in the form of Steel clothing trait boshi, providing armor to resist direct damage and win the marathon,” he said.

Mazrael also noted that while the Shiba Eternity mobile game may not directly use the NFT Shiboshis, it is still a “good promotional tool for the boshis and shows Shiba’s potential to a whole new crowd, the gamers.”

When IBT asked for details and clarification on rumors of an upcoming utility for Shiboshis in “Shiba Eternity,” the game master said that the details have yet to be revealed but suggested that this may involve “a rental mechanic and a breeding mechanic,” citing William Volk, former vice president of technology at Activision and currently a consultant at Shiba Inu Games, “Good Games!”

Mazrael added that these upcoming utilities may allow gamers to “combine two Shiboshis to create a new and unique one” and “provide access to new trait combinations, looks and powers.”

The breeding mechanic is an interesting feature since, according to moderator Shibarium Tech, it could “introduce new combinations of traits and new ways to build decks as well as new cards and new uses for the boshis.” He said it will “definitely bring more customization to the P2E version of the game” in addition to allowing Shiboshi owners to take advantage of “reward opportunities and benefits” through “the breeding and rental mechanics.”

IBT also asked Mazrael what the community could look forward to from Shiboshis, and in response, he revealed that there are a wide variety of “exciting applications” on the horizon, including “promise.” However, he said that the pixelized collection would play the most prominent role in the Play-To-Earn (P2E) version of “Shiba Eternity.”

In addition to Mazrael, the Shiba Ecosystem and Shibarium Tech marketing strategy using the Twitter handle @LucieSHIB showed why she needs so many Shiboshis. “Simple! I’m a big fan of #ShibaEternity, and when it launches on #Shibarium as Shiba Eternity play-to-earn, you’ll need #Shiboshi to earn a start,” she noted, confirming what Mazrael revealed to IBT.

“You can rent it to other players or earn it yourself. It’s an exciting way to generate active income in $Treat in the future,” she said. “So some of us aim to have enough for a cool rental business in @mvshib (SHIB: The Metaverse).”

She then noted, “We currently have 33 people (if you rent it with a pass of $35 a month that’s $1,155 a month doing nothing, but rough math, some will be more expensive based on features).”

Shiboshis floor price was down 87% at 0.30 ETH as of 9:00 pm ET Sunday, based on the latest data from OpenSea.

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