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Oppenheimer: Florence Pugh nude scenes censored with CGI

Published: 2023-07-24T16:55:29

Updated: 2023-07-24T16:55:39

With Oppenheimer’s premiere, some countries chose to censor Florence Pugh’s entire opening scene.

For a long time, Christopher Nolan’s epic biopic Oppenheimer – the second half of the ‘Barbenheimer’ meme – has first predicted and greatly exceeded its box office earnings predictions.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the film, which follows the life and work of atomic bomb father J. Robert Oppenheimer, marking Nolan’s first R-rated film and his first with “extended nudity”.

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However, although this is still an achievement in Nolan’s career, some conservative countries do not like to add the complete opening nudity because they have completely censored the scene with Florence Pugh. But, unfortunately, this type of censorship has robbed the platform in its entirety of its power. Warning: minor spoilers for Oppenheimer below.

Florence Pugh’s nude scene in Oppenheimer has been censored

In an article appearing in The Hindustan Times, it was revealed that India has censored a moment in Oppenheimer where there is a long shot of Florence Pugh showing full frontal nudity. Oppenheimer has a U/A rating in India, which is reserved for films with moderate adult themes that can be watched by children under 12 with parental guidance.”

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To hide Pugh’s nude body, Pugh is covered in a “black dress” in theaters in India to preserve her modesty.


Although everyone has the right to consume the media as they wish, this censorship robs the scene itself. Pugh shares this scene with Cillian Murphy (played by Oppenheimer) and the two actors are completely nude as they sit across from each other after being separated for several months.

A tweet poking fun at Oppenheimer's nudity being censoredtwitter.com/4eyedRaven

Their nudity serves two purposes and both are central to the motivation of their characters. The first reason is quite obvious: they are lovers who are currently engaged in a one-night stand because Oppenheimer is married at this point in the film. Although the pair broke up when Oppenheimer found his wife pregnant, he promised Jean (Pugh) that he would always be there when she called and he is there when she calls him when he is suffering from a mental health crisis.

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The second reason the pair is exposed is that they meet when he created the atomic bomb and, since Jean is a member of the Communist Party USA (whose members were often thought to be working for the Russian government), this was a way for Oppenheimer to talk freely with her without fear of her wearing a wire to extract information from him.

By censoring Pugh’s nudity, he destroys the scene of tension between her and Murphy, which is a shame because their layered relationship has a lasting impact on Oppenheimer politically and emotionally. The nudity is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, but if it serves the story in a sensible way, it should be left alone.

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