April 20, 2024

PS Plus Game Spike Gets Massive Player Count


  • Stranded Deep, a free-to-play game with PlayStation Plus from May 2021, has seen a massive increase in player numbers, ranking higher than popular titles like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1.
  • The surge in players can be attributed to a bug in the game that allows users to unlock their platinum trophy for free by playing in co-op with someone who already owns the trophy.
  • The increase in the number of players is significant considering that Stranded Deep was not even among the top 200 games played on PS5 and PS4, reflecting the sudden popularity of the game due to the pursuit of the free platinum trophy.

Free monthly book, PlayStation Plus game from a few years ago experienced a huge spike in the number of players, as Stranded DeepThe user base seems to have exploded. PS Plus members get free games every month, as well as other features like access to special in-game packs and extra discounts during special sales events.

Sony offered some notable games to PS Plus members in July 2023, as gamers can now play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Alan Wake Remasteredand End: Shut down forever at no extra cost. Customers retain access to the free monthly games as long as they are subscribed to PS Plus, allowing them to continue playing titles they have added to their accounts until they cancel the membership. Stranded Deep it was offered to PS Plus members as a free monthly game in May 2021, and the number of players has now increased dramatically for a very specific reason.

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As of July 17, Stranded DeepAccording to TrueTrophies, the number of players has increased, with 77% more users playing the game in the last two weeks. As a result of this increase, Stranded Deep sits at number 44 in a list of titles with the most active players on PS5 and PS4. TrueTrophies also mentions that more gamers played Stranded Deep during this period than Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The last of us part 1 downloadand the PS5 pack-in title Astro Playroom. It should be noted that this data is based on more than 3.3 million active PSN accounts, but it’s a significant achievement nonetheless.

The report says that there is a bug in Stranded Deep which allows users to unlock their platinum trophy for free. The process is quite simple, as gamers just have to play it together with someone who already has the platinum trophy in the game. According to the same data, Stranded Deep It was nowhere near the top 200 most played games on PS5 and PS4, so it looks like tons of fans have downloaded it to unlock a free platinum trophy.

In addition to the users who added the game to their accounts in May 2021, Stranded Deep is also part of the catalog of titles available to PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers. So, anyone in these higher tiers of PS Plus could download the game and follow the same process, adding a brand new platinum trophy to their collection for free.

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Source: Real trophies

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