April 24, 2024

The New Cast Makes Its First Hamptons Pilgrimage

After a performance that ignited the bravo fandom abuzz with unnamed restaurants, allegedly uncool (a Twitter sleuths they were working hard at destiny) and fights over cheese, Real Housewives of New York Season 14 silenced its remaining detractors with one episode. It’s one thing to replicate that magic for the rest of the season, but quite another to top it for something even better. There have been many late periods House women seasons that start with a promising performance, then fly off the rails only a week later – I’m looking at you, Salt Lake City Season 3. So when the second episode of the SEALS Resume kicked off with a trip to the Hamptons, I almost fell out of my chair.

at all Real Housewives of New York Diehard knows that the Hamptons is where great reality TV is made. The lush area of ​​Long Island is a favorite of the rich and famous, and it’s a magnet for good drama. Who among us can forget the controversy over Cindy Barshop trying to drag everyone from their McMansions in Sag Harbor out to Quogue in Season 4? Or how about Ramona Singer at a pissing game with former New York governor David Paterson being one of them bigger blind?

The Hamptons brings the irresistible energy we seek from our Housewives, and whoever thought of forcing the new foursome to stay under one roof for three days should be awarded a presidential medal. cried Ellen DeGeneres. This episode solidifies the reboot’s cast as custom television perfection. Each of these women is accessible and completely unspoken; we should want to partner with the Housewives as much as we fear them, and that’s exactly the kind of constant frenetic energy this Long Island delivers in its crowds.

Everyone knows that a great way to start a three-day trip with your girlfriends is to embarrass them for wanting to be comfortable. That’s why Erin misses Sai, Ubah, and Jessel on the phone as the three women make their way to Erin’s Hamptons home. The three in the black SUV don’t understand Erin’s reservations about her over-preparation, and I. Sai specifically didn’t bring her own toilet paper, because she “didn’t know what kind of ply [Erin] yes.” Sure, some people might consider it rude to bring your favorite toilet paper to someone else’s house; I call it being ready for anything. You really think you know someone until you go to the bathroom in their house and realize they use single-breasted toilet tissue. No pollen should enter a living space; it should be reserved only for college campus bathrooms and abandoned Petco stores.

Erin is also not happy that Ubah wants to stop at Provides, a bougie Hamptons grocery store, for her favorite snack. This, again, is what I would call “a great guest.” You take some of the pressure off the host, and you also get to grab whatever you want, whenever you want – without having to worry about saving anything for anyone else. But because Erin has an online caviar caterer and made dinner reservations, she’s taking Ubah’s grocery shopping on the side. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s the absurdity that keeps the group dynamic irresistible.

When the group finally arrives, our lord and savior Jenna Lyons has already gone to Erin’s house. Jenna’s high-profile, semi-celeb status really brings it SEALS the energy kick he’s been needing for quite some time. When Jenna walks into a room, the vibe completely changes; she is a dominant presence, but not necessarily intimidating. She knows how to steer the ship, even if it’s gobbling at the sight and smell of fresh dill (as a picky hater, I got up and tried to show my support). It’s the kind of microscopic hypocrisy we want from a well-respected titan of the fashion industry, and combined with her stories of coming out late in life and her mother’s recent illness, they create a TV personality that’s accurate and unflappable.

Meanwhile, your favorite on the internet soon Brynn is late to the party, hanging back in the city for one more night to get a streak test. But even without their bubbly demeanor, the group of five provide a metric ton of wacky fun. Jenna gives everyone lingerie, and Jessel’s is an emerald green silk slip complete with black lace, which she calls “Grinch vibes”. The slip is – how can I put this delicately – ugly as sin. It’s ill-fitting and too long, and Jessel can’t hide her full enthusiasm, which wins her some big points in my ever-changing rankings. But before she leaves for dinner, Jenna slaps Jessel right back, basically calling Jessel a fashion victim for fighting designer labels.

Dinner is at the popular Hamptons bistro Topping Rose, and I might hear excommunicating ghosts SEALS Housewives groaning in agony undead, doomed to walk the scene of the restaurant for eternity. Topping Rose is the location of several lunches and dinners Real Housewives of New Yorkand turn, and bringing the cast of the reboot to this relic of the past highlights exactly why the franchise needed a renewal. As Season 13 circled the drain, the ex House women they spent their trip to the Hamptons drunk and yelling at each other, as always. There was little levy, and no sense of excitement. Now, there are two Housewives on the team who don’t even drink (Ubah and Jenna), and the show feels as fun to watch as it did during its Seasons 7-through-9 heyday.

But even the best episodes have to come to an end at some point, no matter how much I beg and beg the producers to send me every bit of footage removed from the final cut. The women talk about sex—Jessel hasn’t slept with her husband since their children were born a year earlier, and everyone else is watching them copycat—and things slow down enough to give the episode some legitimate emotion. Jenna discusses being out at the New York Post in 2012 and tells the group about her wake-up call later in life. “Something happened when I turned 40,” says Jenna in her confessional. “I had this beautiful little boy, I had this great job, but inside I felt like I wasn’t happy. And I remember thinking to myself that I don’t want to feel like this for another 40 years.”

It’s an interesting denouement for the episode, perfectly timed with the start of another silly argument about Jessel’s gorgeous lingerie when the group gets home. Together, this dichotomy is exactly why we love Real Housewives of New Yorkand why it is so different from all others House women franchise. Its vibe, like that of its namesake city, is condensed and colorful; the people there are filled with stories and complexities that are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. And that’s what makes casting those series with this new cast such a blast. Two SEALS this can be a lot of fun with one girl missing, but imagine how fun it will be when Brynn joins next week. We hope she comes sans toilet paper.

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