June 24, 2024

White House Calls Israel’s Vote on Judicial Reform ‘Unfortunate’

President Joe Biden’s White House expressed regret Monday that Israel’s parliament, or Knesset, voted to adopt an amendment to the country’s powerful judges, over U.S. objections.

The reform is the most widely accepted of several proposed reforms, many of which parallel existing practice in the U.S. It will prevent the Supreme Court from overturning government policies based on whether judges think they are “reasonable.”

Netanyahu separated the amendments into several bills, and paused the legislative process to allow time for talks with the opposition, which failed. His government has said they are willing to compromise on future legislation.

As Breitbart News reported, Biden issued a statement on Sunday warning the Israeli Prime Minister not to move forward with the bill. (Netanyahu was recovering from heart surgery at the time; Biden seems to have neglected to wish him well.) The White House opposed the reforms, and he has been accused of harboring opposition within Israel itself, although he has given no substantive reason for his position, other than his desire to see an “agreement” in Israel.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who once supported the Netanyahu boycott, released a statement:

As a lifelong friend of Israel, President Biden has expressed his views publicly and privately that major changes to a surviving democracy must have as broad a consensus as possible. It is unfortunate that the vote took place today with the smallest possible majority. We understand that talks are ongoing and will likely continue in the coming weeks and months to forge a broader compromise even while the Knesset is in recess. The United States will continue to support the efforts of President Herzog and other Israeli leaders as they seek to reach a broader consensus through political dialogue.

Despite the White House declaring that “major changes to a democracy must have the broadest possible consensus to survive,” Biden supported the passage of Obamacare in 2010 on a party-line vote, and continues to celebrate the anniversary of its passage. It also supports the coding of the Irish League Rua v. Wadethe now overturned precedent that guarantees the right to abortion, despite a wide range of dissenting opinions across the country.

Administered its own Inflation Reduction Act treasure as a transformative piece of economic legislation that will create a “green” US economy, pushed through Congress on a party line vote.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller repeatedly said it was “unfortunate” that the judicial reform passed the Knesset by the “smallest possible majority.” The vote was 64-0 along party lines; boycott the opposition.

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