April 24, 2024

Man hit by mobile phone on Maverick roller coaster

SANDUSKY, Ohio – A Cedar Point season pass holder was diagnosed with a concussion after he said he was hit in the head by a loose iPhone Saturday while riding a roller coaster at the Ohio amusement park.

“I was bleeding down my face, and I felt a little dizzy,” David Carter, a paramedic in his 20s, told the Detroit Free Press, part of the USA TODAY Network.

Carter, who also wrote about his injury on social media, said the cellphone flew out of the pocket of a boy who was riding him on the Maverick roller coaster. The boy’s mother also lost her phone during the trip when it fell into the water below during the trip, he said.

Cedar Point confirmed Monday that a guest riding Maverick was struck by a cell phone that fell out of another guest’s pocket during the ride. Staff treated the guest first aid, the park said, and he was released, and he did not request further assistance.

In general, said the park loose items must be secured or left with a non-rider. Rides that do not allow any drop items are Valravn, GateKeeper, Rougarou, Magnum XL-200, Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force. Most other roller coasters have storage bins for loose items.

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