April 24, 2024

Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Reaction to Barbie Movie Has Released


  • Amy Schumer jokes about missing out on the role of Kitty Oppenheimer in the movie Barbenheimer, saying she “really enjoyed” the film and believes she should have played that role instead. She offers a tongue-in-cheek critique of Hollywood.
  • Schumer was originally set to play the title role in Barbie when it was being produced by Sony but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. In the end the role went to Anne Hathaway. Schumer comments positively on the new team behind the film.
  • Barbie and Oppenheimer have become blockbusters at the box office, exceeding expectations and bringing in impressive opening weekend numbers. Barbie grossed $155 million domestically and $182 million internationally, while Oppenheimer grossed $80.5 million in the US and Canada.

In a parallel universe where Barbieland isn’t happy with Barbieland, actress and comedian Amy Schumer would have taken on the titular role of the iconic doll. Now, as does Greta Gerwig Barbie With the film smashing the box office and making history as one of the biggest opening weekends in the industry, Schumer is giving her two cents on Barbenheimer’s double feature event.

As the date for the premiere of both Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer The expectation among fans around the world increased. Barbenheimer, as fans have called it, is the event of the summer as fans make their way to the theaters in either pink or black to support both films. As the film duo becomes a box office hit and a viral trend in social media, other celebrities have shown their support and participation in the double feature event. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Schumer, who was involved in one of the earliest versions of Gerwig’s later film.

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In Schumer’s casual Instagram post, the comedian joked that she actually “enjoyed it.” Barbie and Oppenheimer, she thinks she should have Kitty Oppenheimer – played by Emily Blunt in the film – wife of Cillian Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer. “Do better Hollywood,” Schumer wrote in her Instagram post. Although Schumer was never connected to Nolan’s Oppenheimershe was almost involved in Barbie.

Schumer was tapped to play the title role when Barbie being produced by Sony in 2016. At the time, the film was described as a fresh-out-of-water story about Barbie kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough. Four months later, Schumer dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts, and the role of Barbie went to Anne Hathaway. However, Warner Bros. showed the eventual film, with Robbie in the lead role and serving as producer and Gerwig as writer and director.

As the excitement towards Barbie grew, it was revealed to the public that Schumer almost played the doll. In an interview last month, Schumer admitted that she left the project due to creative differences. “There’s a new cast behind it, and it looks very feminist and cool, so I’ll be watching that movie,” the comedian said. Andy Cohen. She also said how excited she was about the film and how it looked “fantastic”.

Barbenheimer premiered in theaters last Friday, and both films exceeded their respective box office expectations, cementing their status as blockbusters and giving theaters one of the best opening weekends since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Barbie grossed approximately $162 million at the domestic box office and an additional $194.3 million internationally. It was expected to collect $110 million in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer $82.4 million in the US and Canada, leading to an expected $50 million opening weekend.

Barbie and Oppenheimer now playing in theaters.

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Source: Amy Schumer, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

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