April 20, 2024

Death Fan Find out that Higgs will go out of your ear if you refuse to fight him

Death Stranding may be a game about loneliness and isolation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some intense moments that get your blood pumping. Behind the story of Death Stranding are many memorable encounters with the biggest villains in the game, one of which has you staying deep in some black ooze fist fight with Higgs Monaghan. It’s a pretty brutal encounter, but it’s recently been discovered that it can get a lot worse if you refuse to engage with the Higgs for a long period of time.

Originally posted on Twitter by user Naven0m (thanks Radar games), the video shows Sam blocking all of Higgs’ strikes until he gets tired and breaks Sam’s stance. Higgs then went into a few, before turning his attention to Sam’s ear. If you continue to do nothing, Higgs will go down on Sam’s ear, tearing off a piece of it and throwing it into the black ooze where they are both standing.

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It’s an interaction that almost no one will find natural, since your main instinct at that point is to start crying at the guy who’s been tormenting you for most of the game. However, what makes this detail special is that Sam will be missing a piece of ear for the rest of your time with Death Stranding, as the person who discovered the little trick has posted some screenshots of Sam with a damaged ear after the fight is over.

If you doubt the validity of the video (which we don’t blame you since mods are so good these days), Hideo Kojima himself retweeted the video showing the interaction, so we can safely assume it means it’s something built into the game itself rather than something a fan made. To be honest, with Kojima aware it’s probably a reference to the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield back in 1997, especially given that the two are in a more aggressive version of a typical match.

Who knows, maybe this detail will carry over to Death Stranding 2 when it eventually launches, although that may be wishful thinking. It will probably be a little while before we see anyway, as it was confirmed in February that the recording of Death Stranding 2 had just begun. Recording is usually one of the first things a studio does when making a game, so we can assume that Death Stranding 2 is still a ways away. Hopefully we’ll get the release window at some point next year.

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