June 24, 2024

LeBron James Shows off the Custom PS5 Console and Controller


  • LeBron James shows off his custom limited edition PS5 console faceplate and controller with design nods to his basketball career and famous quotes.
  • The NBA superstar is the first celebrity to appear in Sony’s PlayStation Playmaker initiative, collaborating with celebrities and sports.
  • Fans can purchase the limited edition PS5 LeBron James accessories starting July 27, with the faceplate priced at $64.99 and the controller at $79.99.

Los Angeles Lakers and NBA superstar LeBron James have posted a video showing off their custom limited edition PS5 console faceplate and controller. The new gaming hardware and accessory features several design nods to the legendary basketball player, including some of his famous quotes.

Entering his 20th season later this year, LeBron James has confirmed himself as a bona fide living legend in the NBA. James has had success at the championship level with many teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and most recently the Los Angeles Lakers. He made history earlier this year when he became the NBA’s highest scoring player of all time, leaving Game NBA 2k23 honoring LeBron with a new challenge with a reward for completing it.

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LeBron James took to the newly rebranded Twitter, X, to show off his brand new PS5 setup. The vertically shot video, which lasts about 45 seconds, begins with James in awe of collaborating with PlayStation in the first place, talking about how much it means to a “kid from Akron” to have such an opportunity. He then goes on to talk about how much gaming he’ll be getting into for the rest of the day and night, and also tells fans to look out for some “special stuff” coming soon.

The video ends with LeBron spinning the PS5 console and controller on its rotating stand, admiring its colorful custom hand-drawn style paint job. Fans seem to be loving the new merchandise too, with the post garnering nearly 30,000 likes at the time of writing. James’ collaboration with Sony is part of the Playmaker Playmaker initiative, which sees the company collaborate with celebrities and sports. Lebron is the first celebrity, with the likes of Ja’Marr Chase, Romelu Lukaku, Julio Cocielo and others signed up for collaborations of their own.

While video games aren’t usually the first things people think of when it comes to world-class athletes, LeBron James is known to be a bit of a gamer. The NBA superstar made headlines a few years ago when it was revealed that he and Travis Scott were dating Game Grand Theft Auto onlineRP servers. LeBron has also occasionally gotten into gaming-related debates, including things like the Nintendo 64 or Nintendo Gamecube being the best console.

Those interested in getting their hands on the new PS5 collaboration won’t have to wait long. LeBron James’ limited edition PS5 accessories go on sale on July 27, with the faceplate priced at $64.99 and the controller at $79.99.

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