April 24, 2024

Minecraft Player Creates the World in Survival Mode


  • One dedicated Minecraft player has recreated the Earth in the game’s survival mode, showing remarkable attention to detail and scale.
  • The recreation features six out of seven continents, with Antarctica left out due to the challenges of accurately replicating its extended appearance.
  • The creator used different colored blocks and included small islands and flags of different countries to enhance the realism of the construction. It took 40 days to complete the project and it is very popular on social media platforms.

A hardworking one Minecraft player completed a huge challenge: the reconstruction of the Earth in the survival mode of the game. While gamers are building all kinds of things in MinecraftCreating a detailed version of the Earth’s continents is a huge undertaking.

Minecraft It’s a game that lets fans play how they want. Many players have taken advantage of this freedom to build impressive creations in the game’s generated world. Over the past decade, creative enthusiasts have created everything from replicas of national monuments to large Mediterranean islands in Minecraft. One player recently went even further.

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A YouTuber known as FoundInMN has revealed their impressive recreation of Earth made in the game’s survival mode. In a video uploaded to their channel, they showed the impressive scope of the construction, noting that the scale was 1:23,000. FoundInMN has successfully recreated six of the Earth’s seven continents. For those who were thinking about Antarctica, they explained that it would be too much of a stretch to create the icy country because of its extended appearance on the world map, which would require a huge amount of resources. Despite the absence of Antarctica, the creation still looked incredible. The creator used different colored blocks to replicate the different colors of deserts, jungles, and other regions of the world. In addition, FoundInMN included many smaller details in the design of the World, such as many small islands that are not connected to the land masses and each country’s flag.

Rather than showing the finished design, the YouTube video showed a thorough step-by-step walkthrough of the creation process. The nearly 20-minute video detailed the various steps involved in building the World, including making resource farms and adding a mob switch to prevent hostiles from spawning. Among the challenges, FoundInMN revealed that sleeping in-game was frustrating and that it was difficult to find the best method to make the land masses. However, they eventually found that placing bricks by color seemed to be the fastest method, as well as using a mod that highlighted certain blocks. According to FoundInMN, they are the creation of the World i Minecraft it took 40 days to complete.

Since the project was completed, the construction has captured the attention of social media. In addition to the comments on YouTube, FoundInMN shared images of their creation on Reddit, where it received more than 9K votes in one day. Among the many comments, some Minecraft Fans noted the humongous scale of the project, while others praised the creator for including the flags of their respective countries. In addition, this recreation of the planet reminded some of Build the Earth, a project that works on building a 1:1 scale model of the Earth.

With this incredible recreation of the Universe completed, it will be interesting to see what FoundInMN decides for their next project. Because of the huge store of blocks and items i MinecraftFoundInMN should be able to achieve whatever their minds set their minds to in the game.

Minecraft now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: LostInMN_/Reddit

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