April 20, 2024

Pokemon Fan Makes Each Gen 2 Pokemon Unique Painting


  • Talented Pokémon fans have created an amazing picture featuring all of the Gen 2 Pokémon, paying tribute to the second generation of the franchise and expressing nostalgia.
  • Pokemon Gen 2, introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, holds a special place in the hearts of many fans, introducing Dark and Steel type creatures and a breeding mechanic.
  • Reddit user PaulDrawwsArt’s colorful and nostalgic painting of the Gen 2 Pokémon was well received by fans, sparking conversations about personal favorites and the enduring appeal of these animals.

Wanting to show their love for the franchise’s long-running history, someone is talented Pokémon A fan has created an amazing painting featuring all the Gen 2 Pokémon. This awesome painting is a great tribute to the Pokémon series ‘second generation of colorful creatures and sure to make fans of the long-time franchise feel a little nostalgic.

Making their debut in the 1999s Pokemon Gold and Of money on Nintendo’s Game Boy Color, Pokémon Gen 2 holds a special place in the hearts of many fans of the franchise. In addition to adding 100 new creatures to the Pokedex, the arrival of Gen 2 Pokémon also introduced dark and steel-type creatures and marked the first appearance of the series’ now-ubiquitous breeding mechanic. Despite more than twenty years having passed since their debut, the second generation of Pokemon remains popular with many players, with one fan even creating Gen 2 box designs for Pokemon scarlet and Violet.

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Looking for a unique way to pay tribute to the ever-popular Pokemon, Reddit user PaulDrawwsArt decided to create a colorful painting featuring all Gen 2 Pokemon. The painting shows Gen 2 Pokemon filling every inch of the frame, with their color-sorted groupings giving the whole piece a bright and vibrant look. Standing prominently near the center of the dead, Typhlosion’s ring of fire immediately catches the viewer’s eye and helps tie the entire painting together. Shared on the Pokémon subreddit to refer to Pokemon: The Johto Adventures theme song included in the post title, PaulDrawsArt’s colorful and nostalgic painting was an instant hit with fans of the franchise.

A piece of Pokemon Gen 2 fan art clearly brought back fond memories for many Reddit users viewing the post, prompting some of the responses to reminisce about the series’ history. Many respondents expressed that they had fun spying their favorite Gen 2 Pokémon hiding in the crowded group. Other responses were posted to the song pin in the post title, with one response saying that the Pokemon: The Johto Adventures theme song gets “he gives me every time.” Trying to explain the enduring appeal of Gen 2 Pokemon, one Reddit user said they’re “gen 1 harbor with gen 3 art quality.”

Although this amazing work of art may not be as grand in scale as the giant Pokémon A mural one fan spent 600 hours painting still pays heartfelt tribute to the franchise’s history. With seven generations later of Pokemon still left to paint, PaulDrawsArt shouldn’t have to worry about running out of inspiration anytime soon.

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